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Showing the courage to draw

  1. Snr.Severity
    I joined this group maybe a year ago or more. I didn't have much to show except for some charcoal work posted on a file in 2005. I got sick and could not use my hands for a long time. However, after practice and healing I have been able to draw again and like it. Now I have somethings to show.
  2. Ryokan6
    I just draw for mental state it helps me relax my mind, I got scolded by certain people who don't like the way I draw because I don't draw violent art. Anybody who notice that I am an artist they will ask my question about why won't I draw black people or I should start a career in it. I don't care about starting career in drawing or it doesn't matter what race of people I draw. I just draw to draw and the money ruins the passion of what I do for a hobby.
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