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Which animal...

  1. Restless
    ...is the cutest one in your opinion? Fluffy bunny, little hamster, cute racoon? or something completely different? Tell me!

    In my opinion it's definitely the racoon!

    Isn't he cute? (I call my bf racoon by the way )
  2. Chonki
    Kyaa...thank you for invite! And the cutest Fluffy bunny, little hamster, cute racoon... I love all cute animals! ^__^
    Awww the pic! It's so sweet!
  3. Restless
    Nee, isn't it?! Racoons are simply great!!! Look what I found:
  4. Mauw
    Lol invite XD
    hmmm >=] i certainly like a skull monkey XD and a little Neko ^^ they say mauw XD
  5. Chonki
    Mwahaha Gaara... But it's cuute!
    Kyaa Mauw-chan you're here!
  6. Shivakigirl
    Cute? I particularly like men... but not the furry ones
  7. Restless
    Ewwwwww furry men? A friend of mine is like that... he even has a thick fur on his back Won't go to the lake with him for sunbathing ever again... But with normal human anatomy you can't shave your back, heh? Poor him...
    Well... but shivvy, wouldn't you like a man with puppy look? Then we would have cute animal-man like this...

  8. Chonki
    *steels the picture*...Johnny...
  9. RedLady
    I always liked guinea pigs myself.
  10. Restless
    Guinea pigs... hmm... like... this?

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