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  1. DemonKeeper
    If you join~ Post here and say hi along with your Favorite Tales game(s) ^__^ so we can get to know you a little more <3

    I'm overly obsessed with Tales of the Abyss and Symphonia is my second fave <3
  2. REM and the IRS
    REM and the IRS
    Hello there.

    This group sounds fun, I hope you'll accept me.

    I'm a Symphonia dork currently playing the 2nd game. I love Emil, but sometimes I don't know whether to hug him for being adorable or slap him upside the head for being so wimpy.... >.> Other than that, I'm completly hooked... once again. XD
  3. DemonKeeper
    Thanks for joining~
    I haven't heard much about the second Symphonia but it sounds pretty interesting ^^ Gotta love the Wii
  4. Bilmay
    Hi hii i just joined

    am a HUGE "Tales of" fan and i just DIE for Tales of the Abyss xDD it's one of my most favorite games ever
  5. Moonrei

    I only played the Symphonia series, but I love it!! I got soooo excited when the second game came out.

    I'd say, my favorite character to use in the first game was Sheena. My party for the first game was Sheena, Lloyd, Zelos, and Raine.

    For the second, I my main is Marta. My other team members change from time to time.
  6. Graymaker
    Oh, hehe, I forgot to say hi here. x3 Hi!

    Anyway, of the Tales games I've played, I put them in this order:

    Abyss >>>>>> Symphonia >> Vesperia >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Legendia.

    Though I'm not counting Radiant Mythology. I haven't played Dawn of the New World yet, but I just got it today and I'll see how I like it. =D Abyss reigns as my favorite! I think it would be difficult for them to make a Tales game that I'd like better.
  7. Trigram
    Hiy! I'm a pretty big Tales fan. What have I played? Lets me think:
    -World: Radiant Mythology
    -Symphonia 2
    ...and I'm pretty sure it was in that order. My favorite is either Abyss or Vesperia, they were both so good! Anyways, thanks for having me!
  8. Tianzi
    Hello ^^~

    I love:

    - Symphoonia
    - Abyss
    - Vesperia
    - Destiny
    - Symphonia 2
    - Legendia
    - Rebirth
  9. Yoshiya
    Hello, it's nice to meet everyone ^^ let's see, I believe my favorite Tales were:

    *Symphonia 2

    Besides those are the only Tales game I've played so far ^^;;; but I'm trying to change that! I'm currently playing Vesperia ^^
  10. ShadowYinYang
    I haven't played a lot of the games but I want to keep playing them!!!

    My fav is definately Symphonia! It's like the only really-long game I've beaten!
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