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  1. Delques
    My fav is definitely the Destiny series, followed by Legendia.

    I actually got hold on Legendia before any other Tales of game and it got me hooked. From there I went on to find Phantasia, Destiny, Destiny II, Abyss and Radiant Mythology. Never got the chance to play Symphonia though, cause I don't have the console...
  2. saydrin
    Helloooo~ I'm new~

    My fave games from the Tales of series would have to be Abyss, Vesperia, Symphonia, Eternia, Destiny, Phantasia and I own Tales of Tempest but I haven't played through it yet! X3;

    D: Jade forever.
  3. Ryokan6
    Tales of the Abyss and Symphonia are my favorites as well, oh my name is Mary E. Townsend. I am a video game and console collector and I have about five Tales games, I beat three of out five so far. I even got the anime series of these two.
  4. Kalina
    Hi! My favorite Tales game have to be Legendia because of the character development and the music. Sure not the greatest battle system like other games but the music is godly XD
  5. Lynnafred
    I love the Tales series! haha

    I have most of the games in the series either on Japanese PSP versions or in their localized (US) versions. My favorite game is Vesperia, with Hearts and Symphonia both tied for a close second.
  6. blazing_fire
    I just joined when I realised that there's a Tales group here.

    My favourite game would have to be Phantasia, although I haven't played much, this one has been my favourite for a long time. Such a classic~
    I also have all of the Tales of that became anime and have a complete on Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Innocence scanlated manga~
  7. yaoiangel
    I LOVE KRATOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i only played tos so far ^^'... and i watched the tov movie flynnxyuri is love <3!!!
  8. lokoer
    I'm a bit old school. My fav is Phantasia.
  9. NekoLolitaXX
    Hello Everyone~! I'm a Yuri and Luke cosplayer who's an obsessive fan of the Tales series. <3

    My current Top 3 Favorite titles would be.

    ~ Vesperia
    ~ Xillia
    ~ Abyss

    It's nice to meet you all.
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