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Do you find both genders appealing? Do you think "God, what I wouldn't give to get with him... and/or her!" Well ladies and gentlemen, this is the group for you. This group is specifically built for the pansexual, those who see the beauty, the benefits and the attraction to both men, women and beyond.

Even though this may seem unrelated, the intersex, poly-amorous and transgender are welcome as well as the bi-curious. Their lives in many ways transcend between both worlds so they are accepted as part of our family as well. For us gender is blind and love no matter who you are is the true vision of humanity.

So, just come on in and kick you feet up and tell us about yourself. Why do you identify as bi. Tell us what you believe about sexuality in general. We want to hear it. Most of all, have a ball commiserating with those of a like mind.


1. RESPECT each other. (Do eet!)

2. Be honest. It's no need of coming in here, if you can't be honest about who you are! (Hell, it's no reason to be on Aarin if that's the case!)

3. Post 2 comments for each of your original posts, or keep the SG going with some good topics. If you see discussions getting passed by without any comments, be nice. Take a minute and comment.

4. Although, I haven't had a problem with it, NO frickin' Spamming or Flaming other messages. If I catch you, you get ONE warning. You keep doing it, it's DEUCES for you!

5. Get your cute BI-booties out there, have some fun, find some friends and share some thoughts! Just go wild and have a BI-tastic time! *shakes head and giggles*

6. YES Ladies and Gents! I have no problem what so ever w/ new threads being made! I'm Actually looking forward to it! Just make sure they're relevant to the SG and try not to make duplicates!! Other than that... Go for what you know!

So, there you have it! Now, run along and play!

WE ARE NOW ON FACEBOOK!!!! Cut/Paste to go here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aarin-Bis/119952024728664?v=wall

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