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Welcome, to the abode of the Gods of Cabbages. This is a sanctuary, a temple, for those of ye who worship the Cabbages and The Great Cabbage Couple.

Here, you may rest thy weary feet, worship Terrorist, talk about Terrorist, drool over Terrorist, share Terrorist Goodness pics and linkage, fangurlspazz over Terrorist, worship cabbages and meditate the true nature of cabbages while Miyagi uses his fingers and tongue to distract Shinobu from killing more cabbages.

If you feel like this is the place you belong to, then welcome, and may the--

*distant squealing and moaning followed by deep chuckles* um...excuse me for a moment. BOYS, THEY CAN HARDLY HEAR ME OUT THERE!! *ahem* sorry about that.

May the cabbages be with you.

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