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  1. kurorinslvr
    hehe, i forgot to do the welcome intro.

    so my fellows ishiichi fans, welcome to the Quin-Shi group. and thank you NeonRose223 for name it.
    I fall in love with this pair by reading doujinshi then i went to watch the anime and fell more in love with them. Now they are my new obsession ^-^
  2. daysconfession
    Quin-Shi is so clever! *squeezes Rose and pats her on the back* you did a good job! i LOL'd at the name because i love it so much. hello all IchiIshi lovers! i need to read some DJs because i probably have only read one so far i know, shame on me! if you want to share some good ones with me, please do! <3
  3. kurorinslvr
    i can share with you. actually DP has scanlated many Ichiishi dj and they are all great
  4. Kuroneko-sama
    * in*

    This is like the mother land for all Ichiishi love! And NeonRose.. for the name...so clever!

    *ears perk at hearing DJs*... Oh, I have read very few, to my shame. But I do love that when I read them, its all NC-17..they make me go & over them.
  5. Yumisaki
    Quin-Shi hits the bull's eye
    Really really fitting
    Thank you NeonRose

    Anyway nice to meet all of you

    I have only read a few DJs myself but I'll work hard and look up some more

  6. kurorinslvr
    welcome yumisaki

    we have a new member

    @kuro, yep i am also glad that they are mostly NC-17.
    i am curious in seeing a seme ichida
  7. AlishaCatherine
    How did you know I liked this pairing?

    Hello everyone, happy to be here! Ooh, do I hear someone talking about a seme Ishida? *grabs bowl of popcorn*
  8. kurorinslvr

    i went to the poll thread Bleach yaoi pairing and started to read each post to see who likes this pairing ^-^

    so far i've had read- semen- seme ishida fic but haven't see any dj. he sure will be a teaser
  9. simplyme
    Thank you for inviting me.
    So, anyone knows any good fanfiction?
  10. UchihaNa
    Yeah!!!!!! another IchiIshi lover!!!! *-*
    love them!!! x)

    @Simply-chan here in Aarin there aren't much fics 'bout them... *sad* but are a few in the fiction N-17!!! *happy again* XD
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