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Sexiest man in the Universe! T.O.P!

  1. Cteel
    I Love Big Bang without a doubt, not quite a V.I.P in my opinion. However I must say, the one who stopped me in my tracks, who pulled me in like a magnet, who made me look when I first found one of their MVs and say to myself "I have Got to find more of these guys!". You guessed it, hands down, T.O.P "Knocked" me out! XD lol. Love that hair, those eyes, that voice,Smoking hot in a suit!(of Any color) Weirdly enough, the features I find sexiest on him(and you may laugh unless you've seen the MV for Baby Goodnight*G.D and T.O.P* or Beautiful Hangover*Big Bang*)are oddly enough, his neck and hands, they just send me into a tsunami of hormonal swoon-gasim! Don't ask me, they just do. But I Love it when people pair him and G.D(JiYong is my tied "top" fave, he hee!)its even more sexy then!
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