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What did you all think about 'Koi no ABO's PV?

  1. foshio88
    hey guys,

    after i watch it for 2 weeks i guess this PV are the worst (so sorry NEWS), and the song are okay, not outstanding. ^3^ oh well i must wait for the single to arrive at my door. I mean, WTH NEWS is singing?T__T

    oopsie, so what did u all think?
  2. mitsukunixx
    LOL!! Well i really like the song~ Its so catchy!! *koi-no-koi-no-koi-no-koi-no-koi-no-koi-no-koi-no-koi-no-koi-no-shiouu* Hahaha

    But the PV is pretty...horrible. It reminds me of John Travolta. T______T Blegghh.
    Except! Koyama looks really cute ^^
  3. foshio88
    Hiiiii mitsukunixx!
    yeshh but but Labyrinth is cool, NEWS need more kakkoi PV nu mate?
    Like KAT-TUN dude they have really smexy PV!

    hahahaha John Travoltaaa, lol 70's music eh? those girls really getting my nerves! ergh. But wondering who's the girl that yamapi invite to dance?woot

    Koyama looks cuteee OMG.. and tegoshi.. umm u_u off. XD
  4. mitsukunixx
    KAT-TUN PVs are pretty damn sexy.. Real Face definately was... *_______*
    I like the Hoshi wo Mezashite PV, its so cute. I guess NEWS are more cute than sexy...

    LOL Tego's "Ohh!!" at the end of the song. He couldn't help himself could he -____-
    He sings it and then tilts his head all like, "Aren't I just so cute!"
  5. echrodu
    Koyama is the epitome of adorableness. basketball stars
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