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Saying "hi" and "who am i"

  1. yaoi_cat
    This is a place to say hi and if you want say your name and where you are from (nicknames-excepted)
  2. yaoi_cat

    Didn't know where to start so i decided to go with this.
    Welcome everyone.My name is Kari.(6te pomolq vsi4ki da pi6at na ENGLISH no ako nqkoi se zatrodnqva moje da ispolzva i latinica-blagodarq)
  3. Berylcrazy
    Hi Im Jason*blush* and I live in Washington state,U.S.A but I think that Im in love with a Bulgarian he'l probley read this oh well.
  4. RavenBoy
    Hi my name is George, I live in Bulgaria, Dobrich City... But I want to live somewhere else, i dont like bulgaria... actually I dont like the people here lol And I'm Inlove with an American Boy And im shure he is reading this he is such a cutie
  5. yaoi_cat
    Welcome you two love birds
    I hope to get to know you better
    George i totally agree with you - not that i don't like bulgarians but i don't think i fit in
    i preffer England
  6. yaoi_cat
    waaaa Sorry i made a mistake My name is Kari not "Ali"
    Really sorry about that.
  7. dark_elf
    hi, nice to meet you my name is Liubomira
  8. yaoi_cat
    Welcome to the club Liubomira^^
  9. whispers
    Hi! *waves*
    I`m Gaby ^.^ I am from Silistra, but currently living in The Hage, Holland
    *goes say how she found out about the wonders of yaoi*
  10. alexa87
    Hi there! I don't really know what to say so I'll go with the basics.
    My name is Alexandra you can call me Alex or Alexa or Sasha whatever you like. I'm form Plovdiv and I'm dieing to get to know you better.
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