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What do you like about Soul Eater ?

  1. chibidevil18
    I like the character Death the Kid but I havn't figured out why though. Black Star ☆ is pretty cool too.
  2. argona
    Hello everyone! My most favorite characters are Death the kid, his father Shinigami-sama and professor Franken Stein. Among the girls, I like the twin sisters the most! I think these characters are the real original ones and they are all very unique and funny!
  3. RainSprite
    welcome , argona : )

    I like many of the characters... but I think my all time favorite has to be Black Star. He's great <3
  4. RainingSnow
    I personally think all the characters are likable. If I had to choose, however, it'd be Soul without a doubt.
  5. HisokaTsu
    KID I have his cosplay, all I need now are the rings, wig and shoes :P
  6. HisokaTsu
    I also love Spirit
  7. Xantila
    I love the world of Soul Eater, the idea of eating souls is genial and creates pretty scarry situations, but I also like the comedy in it. The characters are great too. My favorite one is Franken Stein.
  8. sunnylybby
    The adventure duh! XD
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