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  1. pinocchio
    1. I am always right.
    2. In case I am wrong see rule 1.
    3. Please be nice and no rude or hateful messages
  2. pinocchio
    Happy Valentines Day!
  3. Reeemmo0o
    what the idea in this group??
    ok its kind of nice 2 no idea but com on U have 2 go out with somthing

    & happy Valentines Day << i know it’s kind of late
  4. lilacwine
    just decided to join
  5. iLikeYou
    Hello people~
    How is everyone at 3:35am in NY time? xD
  6. pinocchio
    Thank you all for joining Group 9!
    Reeemmo0o - I just want to have a fun group where lots of nice people can chat.
    I don't know what to call this concept...lol
    iLikeYou - umm its 1 49 am sydney time. I couldn't sleep so i am up tonight^^
  7. pinocchio
    how is everyone today?
  8. iLikeYou
    Sorry that I havent been chatting much. I had a 3 page essay to write about Failure. o_o
    I had to finish it by today and tomorrow is my birthday! ^^
  9. pinocchio
    Thats okay...I have been busy 2 and not chatting much.
    Happy Birthday iLikeYou!
  10. Berylcrazy
    im Berylcrazy! im new and i think this sould be a group about just "random" stuff! i thought of doing something like this but didn't
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