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  1. pinocchio
    boring...today is sooo boring.....
    la laa la...
  2. Berylcrazy
    ya i had a state test which we DONT even have to pass to gradate! such a waste of OUR taxes spent on crap like the "WASL" needs to be destoryed! there thinking of replaceing it next year thank god!
  3. Noble
    I cant believe New york is the only state that has mid terms... This is so gay... They expect so much from us...
  4. pinocchio
    poor american kids...
    I doubt you could last a day in an australian high school.
    I am sure the work is much harder!!
  5. Berylcrazy
    lol you should see my school!! mine sucks balls! all the kids are dumber then a stack of bricks! or whatever they say lol they dont even know the basic Euporeen counrties! so its nice because im like the smart one in all my classes!Lol
  6. Jerksterleonne
    Hi guyzzz.....how's everything.....?!!!!....heyy what's with the exams and being so upset and bored????.....you all can do it!!!!!!......

    @beryl Crazy
    nice...so you're the smart one huh!!!....i'm so jeaLous....I'm just an average student....but still a trying hard average student I'am....my school is a state university so the pressure is high coz there's so many geeks and the profs are very strict!!!!,...but i'm very competent so there's no turning back..wahahaha

    @master j4255
    hi master...what's up?????.....

    *note to self*
    different countries have different learning system...hahaha....It still the middle of summer vacation here in our country.......and rainy days is coming soon.....
  7. Berylcrazy
    oh yep im the smart one wish i could use that smart to destory them all yep......
  8. pinocchio
    @beryl wow~ your the smart?

    *jerk I am fine thanks
    and you?
  9. Berylcrazy
    i like the new picture on here lol is it just me or does aarin seem "quite"? i think it is lol
  10. pinocchio
    *quiet... it is...
    the new pic is the prince from katamari!! ^___^
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