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What are your favorite APH pairings?

  1. YoruHakase
    (I don't know if anyone will respond but..)
    Well, I suppose this discussion could be a little useless but you know, I'm Italian.. U^U
    So.. here the question: which pairing do you prefer?

    (Ok, I've already written all of this, I know.. -ε -'')

    [As always: my favorites are GermanyXItaly (but i love the reverse couple, too.. I think Ita-chan has a sort of "multiply personality" syndrome. U^U), HREXChibi!Italy (they're just so cute, don't you think so? XD), RomeXGermania (I like those two old men. U^U), SpainXS.Italy (and reverse), PrussiaXS.Italy (and reverse), PrussiaXAustria, PrussiaXHungary, TurkeyXGreece and others..]
  2. CappoccinoCat
    Hmm, my favourites are all pairings you can make out of the Nordic nations (SuFin, DenSu, DenNor, NorFin, IceNor, DenIce (+ some reversed) are the ones I've come across so far xD) and USUK <3<3<3 But I like FranceUK and FranceCanada a lot too. And AmeriCanada <3<3

    (To tell the truth, I like most pairings in Hetalia xDDD)
  3. YoruHakase
    I love SuFin and DenNor, too! XD
    I'm trying to find some NorDen but it's so difficult.. It seems no one like this reverse.. =_='
    +Feel lonely+

    I also like France nii-chanXUK, I think they're adorable and fall in love each other more than they usually show us. U^U
    (In truth.. I love FrancisXEveryones eccept in couple with Lud. U^U)

    USAXUK don't like me too much.. They were my first fav couple but there too much doujinshi and pic and fic about them and now I found both so.. Uhm.. Boring?
    But I like the USA' "Hero Way" and UK's "Fairytail-Mode".
    Have you already seen the new episode (11)? X&#176;D
    The perfet example of UK' "FairyTail-Mode"! X&#176;D
  4. mizu_chan
    I have lots of faves:

    France/Canada, Us/Canada/Us, Germany/N.Italy, Spain/S.Italy, UK/Japan, Su/Fin (I have the best doujin of those two), Anyone/Switzerland and Anyone/Lithuania.

    But crack!pairings are my fave...i'm writing an college!au fic with a friend who has no idea what hetalia is helping me...we couldn't figure out what to do with Greece so she paired him with Switzerland.
  5. Kloudy_Reignfall
    I'm not too picky, but I'd say my favorite is Germany/N.Italy. ^__^ I just can't help grinning like an idiot whenever they're together.
  6. mizu_chan
    Who doesn't like those two together?
  7. Kloudy_Reignfall
    You have a point. ^_^

    (*giggles* I can't get the scene of Italia asking Doitsu for a hug out of my head. ^^; And he has such the cutest voice when asking too.)
  8. mizu_chan
    And I quote:

    "Doitsu! Doitsu! Hugu~"
  9. larosh
    Yay! Wanted to rant about my fav APH pairings for a looong~ time

    Germany/Prussia is my absolute fav atm then comes any pairing with Russia-san (except Russia/Liet and any where he's an uke :P ), esp Russia/US and Russia/China.

    Also lately I've become a hopeless Hoshitamago junkie - thus my 3rd most fav is US/UK ^^

    Besides those I find Sweden/Finland unbelievably cute Almost as much as Turkey/Greece

    I have also taken a liking to Spain as a separate character lately but want to see him with someone now. Any suggestions?^^
  10. Kloudy_Reignfall
    Lol Excuse my cluelessness, but what is "hoshitamago"? (Star...egg...???) </stupid me>
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