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Hello there-! ^^

  1. YoruHakase
    I don't know if I can post something like that but.. Hello everyone and nice to meet you all, my dears. ^^

    I'm not very good at writing in english or posting something intelligent (because yes, I'm an useless Italian fan.. ^^) but I'll try.. °_°
    Ok, I'm too stupid for this. =_='
    I love all Hetalia Characters (especially ItaBros, Germany, France nii-chan, Spain nii-chan, Prussia and Russia *KOLKOLKOLKOLKOL*) but I don't like so much USA..
    He's too obsessed with his "Hero-Style" and Hamburger, he might eat some pasta and Pizza, I guess.. U^U


    Ok, I think to had write too much for my first post.. And my english is horrible as usual, ahahah! X°D
    Gomen ne, gomen ne..

    I hope to "see" you all soon and.. "Nation!Slash is LOVE!!", dammit! *L*/

  2. mizu_chan
    Hi everyone! I was introduced to Hetalia and my senpais have dubbed me 'Greece'. My favorite characters are America, Russia, UK and N. Italy. My fave pairs are Germany/N.Italy, US/UK, US/Canada and France/Canada!
  3. YoruHakase
    Mizu-chan welcome! °w°
    Nice to meet you. ^^

    I really love LudXFeli, too and i like so much also HREXChibi!Italy (because Germany WAS Holy Roman Empire. *L*/), Rome jii-chanXGermania FranceXUk (they still denied all but I know that they're really in love with each other.. U^U X°D), FranceXEveryone (X°D), SpainXS.Italy (oh my dear Lovino.. You're so Tsundere!), PrussiaXAustria (but I like Uke!Prussia, too.. *ç*), RussiaXUsa and RussiaXChina. °L°
    (But I'm AustriaXHungary and PrussiaXHungary fan.. °ç&#176

    So.. You're Greece, nee?
    (I love cat! °w&#176
    My friends call me Ita-chan, indeed.. =_=''
    Yes, I love Pasta and Pizza and.. I'm a little Tsundere, too.. And I love Tomato-chan..
    Ok.. I surrender.. =_=''
    I'm Ita-chan, I guess..
  4. Tsukuyomi_Amaterasu
    Hello Everyone!! It's good to see some boards in this club :3 I was too afraid to post one myself soo >.<

    But yesh, I found Hetalia by accident one day, finding a wonderful American Revolution US and UK! I instantaneously fell in love!

    My fave pairing have to be : HRExChibitalia , USxUK and UKxUS , RussiaxUS, CanadaxUS ((US just needs to be put into place sometimes XD )) and GermanyxNorth Italy!

    I hope to get to know everyone better soon!
  5. YoruHakase
    Hello Tsukuyomi-chan. ^^
    (May I abbreviate your name..? &#176;w&#176
    (Ok, it's too late for ask something like that.. =_=')

    I'm glad to see that this Group will grow up, I feel so damn lonely without anyone who talk with.

    (I found Hetalia thanks to a little pic of Italy, Germany and Japan about one year ago.
    I fell in love at the first sight, even if my poor Ita-chan is so weak and useless. X&#176;D)
  6. mizu_chan
    I'd heard my senpais in anime club talking about it and I wasn't really sure what it was, took me another couple of months to acturally find the manga/anime. I must say, I'm probably the most rabid of the rabid hetalia fans in the club.

    Also, I have no idea why they call me Greece...but I have lived with cats all my life so that might have something to do with it...
  7. Tsukuyomi_Amaterasu
    You can call me Tsuki-san or Ammy-Chan What ever floats your boat :3 <3

    I'm sorry! *glomps* I'll hopefully be around here more since my dern school is almost done D: Schools in Florida are useless >> ROFL XD

    (( Awww XD But you have to love Italy!! Especially Chibi!Italy ;3 I hope yo cosplay Chibi!Italia this year at Metro!!))

    @Mizu - I fear thee oh Rabid Fan! >D ROFL! My friend and I are some of the only ones in our school who knows about it D: Unfortunately we've tried spreading it and they just won't pick up on it D: Oh well WE'll just have to keep snickering in World History class and see if we can get anyone interested ;D

    ROFL! My friends cal me England/Great Britain while my friend is France XD It's a mutual relationship
  8. mizu_chan
    Don't fear the rabid fangirl! Love teh rabid fangirl, we make things more fun! XD

    Appears that I've had more luck with spreading the hetalia!love then you. I've already got two friends that i need to email a link to the first episode. And one of them hates anime!
  9. Tsukuyomi_Amaterasu
    Yeah you're right XD

    Oh wow!! D: You must be good at persuasion! My friends are more into the musical scene I think, all they keep talking about is some Repo musical D: Oh well, their loss ! I'll get them converted yet >D
  10. mizu_chan
    I've gotten her to watch the first two episodes so far...i'm not sure if she'll watch more tho.
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