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Who do you relate to the most?

  1. TieriaErde
    Just wondering who you would mostly relate to, personality wise.
    I'm told that I'm most like Japan.
  2. tokyohottie11
    Hmm...My friends say I'm like America, but I always thought I was like England =3=

    ...They're probably right though.
  3. GlaringDream
    Uhm, I took "Which country are you?" personality test before and I got Sweden. ;3 I wonder if I'm really like him but I think I'm like Italy. XD
  4. YamiSonozaki
    me and everyone who knows me considers me spain :3 (totally not a tomato lovin pedo or anything ¬u¬)
  5. GoodbyeAxel
    Oh dear....I'm definitely like Italy. I'm a wuss, unfortunately, as well as a complete spaz.
  6. dattara
    Probably a mix of Japan's & Germany's personality, and Sweden's looks. LOL TERRIBLE, ikr?
  7. UllaBritta
    The quiz said UK. And I agree. Deep down inside, I'm really brittish despite living in Sweden and not having ever been to the UK XD
  8. Cwell
    My friend said I´m like Italy. And then quiz said I´m like North Italy. Oh man... : DDD
  9. blurry19
    I'm like Russia and Iggy. Russia because I'm always cold, I smile even if I'm about to murder someone, and I'm Big boned. Iggy because i'm often the big bro/sis in a relationship, and I can complain in a loud, irritable manner.
  10. Moshy
    I think that I'm most like Canada because I constantly feel like I get ignored by a lot of people. Like I feel invisible around people, lol like Canada chan. And a little bit like Ukraine, (aside from the big boobs part) because like Ukraine, I am also a crybaby.
    Ahaha what a sad life I have.
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