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Who do you relate to the most?

  1. yaoihunter3000
    Lithuania, shy, quite, loyal and poliet, I even look like him O.o Japan too, for the same reasons. Netherlands at times.
  2. yaoihunter3000
    Took the quiz, 100% Germany O.o 92% Japan, 75% England. Maybe Lithuania wasn't on the list?
  3. alfredjones
    hahaha I was always told that I'm a mix of Spain and America.
  4. acc1919
    I'm probably most like...Russia.. O__O
  5. flyingleafbunny
    I relate to Belgium the most because like her, I have an older brother and a younger brother. Like her, I love sweets particularly chocolate. I don't really stand out much but many people tell me that I have a kind and friendly face hence why they feel comfortable with me. And some of my friends did tell me that I look like her. So when I finally got the chance to cosplay her, fellow Hetalia fans could immediately tell that I am cosplaying as Belgium.
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