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Hetalia "Crew"

  1. daisukexx
    Okay so I wanted to see if anybody would be interested in doing this before I actually...doit.

    Who would want to be part of a Hetalia crew here on the forum?
    It'll be pretty much just like a blogcrew but...not on your blog D:
    For those who don't know what a blog crew is:
    A Blogcrew is a place to claim your fav character(s)/something from a fandom you're in, in this case; HETALIA.

    So basically it's be in your sig, and each person will be able to claim one character, and one claim per character, first come first serve.

    Would anybody be interested??
    and if you have any questions let me know
  2. YoruHakase
    Uh, I'm interested on it. ^^

    Telling the truth, also I would like to do something like that and I'm going to create a sort of social group where anyone can claim only ONE chara for person.

    What about carrying this project forward? XD
    Let me know, ok? XD
  3. ExoticChocolat
    Ooooh. I'm interested.

    I'd like to claim Artur in the name of the Moon Kingdom.
  4. Llyev
    Oooohhh..... interesting :B

    I'd love to be America/Alfred or Russia/Ivan... they are my 2 favorite characters, although Alfred is pretty goofy at times he's still pretty awesome.... it's just the blond bombshell in glasses fetish I guess xD I would totally go for Canada if both were taken though... poor poor Canada xD
  5. Shanni

    can I claim Prussia? *big fan of Russia x Prussia*~
    I will do any sort of bribing necessary!
  6. 1pieceSxZ
    I want to claim Germany!
  7. AllenNara
    oh well, if I can't have Prussia or England... I'd like Russia or Austria :3
  8. TieriaErde
    oooo Yes I'm interested. I'd want Japan ^ ^ I love the Japan and England pairing. ^ ^
  9. GlaringDream
    Can I claim Ita-chan? ;3
  10. sapphire
    Yay! I agree with this!
    Uhm.. if America and England are taken, I'd love to be Austria XD!
    Or Spain X3!
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