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Season 6 - New season new hopes

  1. yina
    Who can't wait for Season 6? Me! S5 ended with a BANG! and everything again is possible in S6. What awaits us? Monster of the week? Big plot revolving around demons? Search for God? Different religion? What will happen next?

    What do you want to see in Season 6 of Supernatural?
  2. Lisse09
    I hadn't finished watching Supernatural. Kind of sad to see that it's reaching the end, heard that however, it ends well in season 5. o.O Well for me, I'd hope to see some LOVE between these incest. bt I'm sure that Monster of the week is out of my choice. kind of boring, wished it's another new deeper plot, something unexplainable.
  3. yina
    Does it end well.. depends what you want from the finale :P It didn't disappoint me, tho I was waiting for something more dramatic maybe :P

    Deep plot.. but not too deep. For one season maybe.. I don't want another neverending Apocalypse. What we and the show needs is for the boys to get back together.
  4. alixv
    sam needs to beat the devol inside with his love for dean
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