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L: Change the World

  1. Miroku25
    I recently went to go see this movie and if you were a hard core Death Note fan, you might be alittle disappointed with this movie. But if you aren't really that into Death Note or if you are a major Kenichi Matsuyama fan, GO SEE IT!It has humor/suspense/drama/cars and towns exploding/ and the sickist disease you'll ever see in your life!!!! XD

    Basically what it comes down to it is that following the last Death Note movie, L plays back in his mind his latest case which was the Kira Case right up to the point where he writes his name in the Death Note. And from there, L has 20 days left to live. L's really depressed that he's alone and doesn't have Watari so he solves meaningless cases to pass the time. When he's finished with those cases, he only has 10 days left. Meanwhile, two other stories are going on as well. A boy from a village in taiwan is the sole survivor of an experiment with a virus being used as a weapon. For safety reasons, another man from Wammy's that is an agent sends the boy to "Watari" before he dies from the virus.

    The other story is a girl lives with her father who is a scientist working to find an antidote for this virus. Little does he know, his own staff made the virus and needs him to make an antidote. He sends his daughter away to "Watari" with the formula on how to make the antidote before killing himself and the antidote with the virus. Both children are now in L's care and He's trying to figure out how to stop the virus and make another antidote and figure out who is doing this with only 8 more days left.

    Here's a link to the trailor:
    L: Change The World Trailer(English Subs)
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