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Best Soundtracks (so far)

  1. noone
    because i'm crazy about the music of the movies/anime series i've watched.

    my favorite soundtrack so far, for a movie, is mononoke hime's ost by joe hisaishi (i bet you were expecting this, believe09 )

    for a series, i am undecided and there are new ones coming all the time.

    the best so far - that i remember right now - is wolf's rain ost by yokko kano - great sound!!

    i am waiting impatiently for xamd: lost memories / bounen no xamdou soundtrack - i didn't watch the anime yet, because i want it to be complete, but there's a superb soft theme in the first ep that i want to listen to over and over!
  2. believe09
    welcome, noone!
    I love mononoke hime, and the soundtrack definitely does that movie justice!

    My favorite comes from a music inspired anime called Beck. This harmonized two things I totally love: anime+musci! It ranges from very pop-like music to rap and rock. It's so delightfull!!!
  3. noone
    i never had the heart to start on beck... the poster for the series is so strange...

    what kind of music does it have?

    and OH!!!!!

    another GREAT soundtrack - the one nujabes did for "samurai champloo" - i loved that, all of it and then some!!!

    i tried hard to like the original FMA ost too, but ended up with a memory of a beautiful blending of ochima's "brothers" theme among the most dramatic parts of the series, but not much else...

    and OHHHHHH X10!!!!

    gackt doing a side-album with the seyuus of the GUNDAM series was bliss!!!!!!

    i love that version of "dears"

    does that still count as anime music? i don't think any of the songs were IN the gundam series, but heh

    btw, offtopic, anyone seen/heard gackt's "ghost"? they use it for the "sarah connor chronicles" tv series of the terminator brand
  4. believe09
    Beck has a wide variety of music on it. Most of it was done by BEAT CRUSADERS. They are SOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!

    OH!!! I LOVE Kesenai Tsumi by Nana Kitade. That was my favorite from FMA!

    They used "Ghost" for the Sarah Connor Chronicles?!
  5. noone
    so they say

    if you look closely at it, you see all that terminator-make-up and hints, and lol the PV is made up of only SCC cuts


    ... i don't think i like kesenai tsumi. it's not bad but it's not special to me either, and it reminds me of a few pieces of the "tsubasa chronicles" soundtrack - you know, the one in 4 looooong parts. that, come to speak of it, is a great ost for a meeeh anime
  6. kurayamifantasy
    Hello everyone~ I'm new to this group, but I thought that this was such a cool idea 0_0 Kudos to the creator~

    @noone: Gackt's new song 'Ghost' is outstanding xD I think he did an excellent job at expending his horizons and he never fails to surprise his fans. He's remarkable

    Out of all the anime soundtracks out there, I'd say that the music that comes from Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny is the most beautiful. I'm absolutely obsessed with pretty music, that also has a dramatic feel to it <3
  7. believe09
    @kurayamifantay: and
    Ooooohhh, Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny have really good soundtracks!
  8. kurayamifantasy
    @believe09: xDD Yeah~ I also really love the music from Tsubasa Chronicles. <3
  9. Shajia
    there^^ im new here and i really love "ai otsukas planetarium"(its from a j-drama) to tell you which anime soundtrack is the best i think i have to watch some anime one more time>.<
  10. believe09

    @kurayamafantasy: I haven't really listened to the music from Tsubasa Chronicles, except for the theme songs. Is it any good?
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