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Who is your Favourite Character?

  1. YukiYume
    Natsume Yuujinshou is my first Supernatural anime ever.
    I like Natsume Reiko. She is like I am the queen so bold. But she is so kind.
    Then Who is your Favourite Character?
  2. DirtyNinjaChick
    I like Natori a lot
  3. YukiYume
    I like him too. She is like older version of Natsume.
  4. HoneyBunches
    I like Natsume (Takashi) the most. How can anyone not like him? He's such a sweet and considerate guy. Natori is cool too. I hope I get to see Natsume interact with him more. hahaha

    Gah! How could I forget! I love Nyanko-sensei!!!
  5. mokona666
    Nyanko-sensei! I love that manju of a cat xD
  6. Mangafee
    I love everyone!!! All of these charcters are AWESOME!!!!!!
    .....but still, Nyanko-sensei is just that bit better... ♥
  7. periapt
    Aesthetic-wise, I love Madara. =P

    But if I had to choose who was really my fave char, I'd choose Natsume Takashi.
  8. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    My favorite characters are Natsume Takashi, Tanuma Kaname, and Nyanko-sensei/Madara-sama
  9. ShadowImp
    I have to say I like Natsume (Takashi) the most, although Nyanko-sensei/Madara-sama is a very close second
  10. peilicanhelican
    Natsume Takashi <3 then Nyanko-sensei/Madara-sama. I just want to pinch his cheeks~
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