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Who is your Favourite Character?

  1. TareTenipuri
    My most favourite character is Natsume Takashi and Nyanko-sensei!!! Round round Nyanko-sensei is so cute~
  2. Jormel
    Natsume. His loneliness growing up as well as his inability to ask people for things is easily relatable. Not to mention he's always going out of his way to help others and be respectful. Even the way he speaks (with that ultra-polite dialect) reflects this. The way he always isolates himself as well as his expression whenever he feels the warmth of his newfound friends makes me want to hug him and tell him that everything's okay now.

    Natsume is the first anime character that I've truly fallen in love with as opposed to someone like Kuroko or Kyon who I've just been extremely attracted to. I guess that's a little weird, huh? '^.^
  3. VioletMoons
    My favorite characters are Natsume, Tanuma, and of course Nyanko! Nyanko is so funny when he's drunk and he's just adorable!!
  4. Shirayuki24
    Of course Natsume Takashi, but I like Tanuma Kana me as well x
  5. MayandKate
    Natsume, Tanuma and Ponta, I mean Nyanko-sensei~
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