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I'm thinking some introductions are in order!

  1. Sanua
    Hiya group,

    Considering the last post here was in 07-07-2014 at 05:52 AM I'm just here checking for a pulse! Haha, jk, kinda... I guess you could call me DMC obsessed so I was immediately happy when I found this group and I was wondering, for those of you who are still active, how about a little introduction?

    I'm Sanua, but better known as Marly and I've got a pretty serious love for Vergil. I draw the crap outta him and I RP the crap outta him and let it be known that I do play the reversal role between him and Dante. I guess he has so much untapped potential and despite his goofy English voice, he's pretty much my favorite guy of the series.

    Soo good to meet some fellow fans <3!

    PS I think I'm going to upload my butt ton of pics into the gallery, it needs filled out! (Also, if you guys are searching for DJ that are DantexVergil/VergilxDante, I have a good few)

  2. RedQueenGlados
    Call this one hell of a late pulse, but hi Sanua!!

    I'm RedQueenGlados, but you can call me by my name, Nicole. I mostly lurk, but since this group has so few photos, and my Devil May Cry yaoi collection is so vast (ala: years of lurking), I figured I'd contribute some. Gotta keep the Devil-boy love alive, right?

    It's good to see another Vergil roleplayer! For about 6 years, I roleplayed as both Dante and Vergil (and the majority of the DMC cast for that matter) with a friend. I too agree that Vergil has a world of untapped potential, and I've got the headcannons to prove it! Though I don't mind his English voice, I think it's kind of cute in a way-- like a power hungry baby.

    I hope this little ping hasn't come too late! I'm lonely fangirl.
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