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Devil May Cry RPG

  1. mizukishimizu
    Uhm, I'm really sorry if it's not allowed to post things like that here, but I didn't know wherelse^^;

    I'm looking for people who'd like to play some DMC Yaoi-RPG, ya know, the written type of RPG xD
    It doesn't matter to me if you're writing in German or English, so if you're interested, please contact me ^-^

    Once again, I'm really sorry if this kind of post doesn't belong here.
  2. Camysan
    I so would! I can play either but being Dante is much easier for me XD
  3. Shini
    Don't worry, it's okay! And it's easier to find DMC fans in a group I guess! =)
  4. cetesoul
    it's okay breakout game
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