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  1. EpitaphOfTwilight_Ce
    Which of the DMC Games do you like the best or do you like them all. hehehe and if you need help i will try
  2. omeero
    for me i love them all there is all dante in them

    iam now playing DMC4 but iam stuck with dante in the forest in the three way puzzle i could pass it with nero but with dante its amystery so please please help
  3. Vincentlover23

    The first one I played was DMC3 (a young, smexah, wiseguy dante = lol) but I liked DMC2 more 'cause I loved Lucia's fighting style.
  4. angelvision
    I like DMC3 Dante's Awakening the best Dante looks hot *nosebleed* and it's very convenient switching between styles ^^ Also it's the first game that I played from the series xD
    Aaaand I like the whole Vergil X Dante hints given throughout the game
  5. ghettoe
    I played it last year (DMC4) finished it and I kind of liked it. Killing the boss took me a few tries, cause seriously that was one annoying boss, but I ended up finishing him. After finally finishing him, what do you know, you have to fight all the other bosses again! Yeah it did give me a headache, but it was the first game I've ever finished. I really never finish most of the games I own.
  6. Keiyan
    DMC3 is by far my favorite!! I must admit I never played DMC2 and didn't finish DMC1 because I had borrowed it from a friend lol but now that I've finished DMC4 I still prefer DMC3. Dante was just so cool and badass XD Capcom was clever to change the actors for Dante that time, I admit that helped too. Eventhough I feel in love with Nero rather quickly I can't get passed Vergil, it Really kills me that Capcom seems determined to make him disapear for good Furthermore, DMC4 was a bit repeatitive, fighting each boss 3 times in 20 missions was a bit much >.>; which brings back the fact that we had to go through each area 99 times back and forth etc.... kinda anoying.... but, the characters and the CG was just WOW... seriously the fights between Dante and Nero distracted me so much I nearly got killed once lol I just wanted to keep drooling over Dante, I couldn't care less about defeating him XD
    Has anyone heared about the DMC4 novels? I don't know what to make of them. I hope they don't influence the next DMC game cause.... I WANT VERGIL BACK DAMN IT!!!
  7. ghettoe
    To be honest, I'm not sure I want to spend $60 on another DMC game. I love the characters, but it still does not come anywhere near my other games. I ranked my games and DMC was unfortunately last.
  8. LoneWolf181
    i like all of them, except the 1st one because i never played it. oh yeah, and the 5th (which i honestly don't think should even be called DMC). first one i ever played and that introduced me to the wonderful world of DMC was DMC 3. i fell in love with Dante and Virgil immediately. DMC 4 was awesome too, but i never finished it. i only saw the ending and random cutscenes. and that's when i fell in love with the arrogant, rude, and wild Nero, who reminds me so much of Dante. if i didn't know any better i'd say they were related somehow (which i have a feeling they are). not to mention Nero's VA is one of my favorites! don't even get me started on DMC 5, though i'd play it just for the hell of it.
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