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Deciding to promote my story.. ^__^

  1. holliehatake
    I dunt know if I'm allowed to do this in this group? Hopefully I am!
    I just wanted to promote my new(ish) fiction in as many ways as I could ^__^. I am working on a serious load of updates right now. Clicky the title! xD

    The Influence of Kane
    Crude language/May be graphic sex in the future. My grammar may also be bad as I haven't found a beta yet ;P
    Please take time to tell me what you think ^__^
    "Kane has never exactly been normal.
    When his parents died, he seeked more comfort than ever in his best friend 'Kadorah', not knowing the full extent of the consequences... Kane may not have known it, but from day one he was never going to be able to get away from Kadorah's grasp.
    So begins their journey of lust, pain, drama...
    ...and a lifetime of Kadorah's crude and inappropriate jokes."

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