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Because when you want to be with someone and then recognize they want....

  1. CrisNoWait
    Because when you want to be with someone and then recognize they want to be with you too!

    Fandom: Nauro - after the war
    Characters: Shino, Kiba, Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi, Shikamaru, Hinata, Neji, Rock Lee, and others part of the fandom as well as some OC's because author loves mixing original characters with fandom characters.

    The fiction summary

    Shino and Kiba try to adjust, learn, and develop a real relationship after an epic night of sex – followed by a morning of the same... their emotions are on the verge of spilling over and admitting an attraction when ‘life’ kicks them both in the face.

    Can they find their way back to the magic that momentarily captured them?
    Premise: It's not necessarily fandom fiction. However, Ninjutsu may come up. This is ten years after the war, and everyone has moved on. However, Itachi and Sasuke are not rogue ninjas. Kiba has ‘retired’ from being a Shinobi. Shino has evolved into a physician. The other main characters are members of the band that Kiba and Sasuke started. While the other band members maintain regular employment, their band grows in popularity.


    A ridiculously long title for a ridiculously long love story with Shino and Kiba as the primary focus. (Author has done this because Shino is seriously under-represented in manga, anime and fan fiction as a central character.)

    Honestly the only way I can have him as a major character is to write it myself. Well not that others have not done so too, just that I feel there are not many current multi-chapter stories that utilize Shino as a central and major character. Especially in the way I envision him. (Although I really laugh at how he is portrayed in Boruto - basically as the Iruka of the new gen... but even more awkward!)

    *Author has not followed the fiction too closely since Kurama/Naru arc*

    This new story has been bouncing around my brain for a while. There are many f-bombs, domestic violence, stalking, torcher, murder and of course graphic sex, ^^ no offense intended. The story pace is slow, because at the root it is romance - with a sprinkle of darkness.

    Why can't this author make this story just fluff? Oh, because most of my published fluff is PWP, <-- porn what plot. This story has plenty of porn but with lots of plot.

    Feel free to randomly stalk. I too have favorites I stalk, to allow the author to draw out the story at their own pace.

    Years ago, I had never considered what was taking my favorite writers so long to update. Only now, well recently I truly understand that author's need to get into a head space that allows them to draw out the story - but not just the plot but the individual characters. It takes time and ideas. For me the plot is constantly evolving - how am I going to get to where I want the story to be - mean while other plot bunnies keep spawning. But they at times these effing-bunnies were not moving the story forward. So, my size 12 heel needed to squish them - distractions need to be eliminated. Quickly eliminated so that fiction can fully blossom.

    Thanks for reading ^^)
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    oh its content is really so sweet and romantic. connections game
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    What a very sweet content! I like it so much
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