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    Hi, I'm Erda Enos from Dearsoul Visual. This is my first VN project I've ever worked and still on. This post will have pictures and NSFW (NOT SAFE FOR WORK). Proceed with cautious.

    Title: Leodetable Institute
    Maker: DearSoul Visual
    Type: Interactive Adventure Visual Novel
    Genre: Yaoi, School Life, Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Historical, Psychological, Sci-Fi, Comedy
    Rating: 18+ (NSFW, Blood, Violence, Mild Rape, Gang Rape, Major Character Death)

    Background Story:

    The world of Varries is at its peak. The slavery of The Faus and The Slaughtering of The Plas events are poisoning Varries' magic stream. Witches and wizards keep disappear suddenly because of it. To maintain their position in this world, they gather all of people with latent talents to use and control magic in a institute. Leodetable Institute is one of them, specially for wizards' apprentices.

    The terms of "magic stream" here; you can say it's the varries' core. Just like FF7 Life streams. The looks is similar like lava/ earth's core. At other game of DV, it's called "The World's Lake". The cause of why this "magic stream" is poisoned will be explained in Leodetable Institute (LI). But how this "magic stream" works will be explained at other project. :3

    The terms of "Fau" and "Pla"; In Varries, human is divided into three races, "Hum", "Fau" and "Pla". "Hum" is a normal human like us and have majority in number and culture. "Fau" is human half-animal. You can say werewolf, fairies, and medusa is included in this type. This race has a short lifetime with faster growth than hum. "Pla" is human half-plant. They lived longer than anyone and has slowest growth and reproduction. At the time they died, they will become voiceless plant. Their graveyard is the forest itself which become literally part of the magic stream.

    The history of Varries' humanity is pretty damn long and explained in (almost) every projects DV has. Long story short, "Hum" and "Fau" agreed that "Pla" is dangerous for their life without knowing that the one who keep Varries stable is "Pla".

    Everyone has the magic aura inside their body but different amount to each person. Magic Aura = Soul. These witches and wizards are the ones with "over-flowed" power. If they can't control it, they might destroy their own houses without their consent.
    To know whom in this kind of situation, they use some methods like spreading the "invitation" letter which only goes to people who have over-flowing magic from them. In LI, there are certain levels of magic aura which they allow to be their magic (from level 6 to level 0).


    The world of Varries is in danger.
    The violent conflicts between the leading races: human “Hums”, half-animals “Faus” and half-plants “Plas” are poisoning Varries’s Magic Stream, source of many creatures’s life and power and are causing Witches and Wizards, beings with an usually strong flow of magic running inside them, to disappear.
    In order to preserve their kind, they decided that all individuals with latent or hidden magical abilities must be gathered in special institutes in which they be taught how to control and use their power. Leodetable Institute is one of them.
    Adri, a tailor whose eyes are always shut that lost all of his memories 5 years ago finds one day an enchanted letter that detects his powers as highly dangerous. Before he knows it, he is arrested by a group of Hunters and put into custody. Whether he wants it or not, he will have to attend the Leodetable Institute for a minimum of four years with no contact to the outside world, and get dragged in a conflict that far exceed his imagination.
    Synopsis by EnglishYaoiGames (tumblr)

    Main Characters:




    This guy's card somehow broken. So, I'll explained him briefly until I found out what happened to his card.
    Rafi is a shy big guy who has live off his entire time as a slave.
    He never tell you what he's thinking until someone asks him desperately.
    He's the type who will protect you if he notices you as his master.
    At the time where Adri can't do anything, He will the only one who can save him.
    His nickname is "The Black Tongue".


    Secret Character

    CGs (So far)

    I will make this VN by using RPG Maker because there is the battle system in-game. The type of this VN is School-Life with RPG Attributes. BTW, there are multiple endings with 2:3 (Good:Bad) and Adri's worst ends. Kindly, I give you an announcement. This will be more complicated than any N**ro+Chi*al VN so far. Please, be patience with me. I'm working this all alone, you know. :3

    Plotting Story 80% (I have not yet write the details of each endings except all the worst ends)
    Script-INA 10%
    Script-ENG 0%
    Soundtrack 100%
    Sprites 60%
    Charset 0%
    CG-BG 15%
    Scroll Map 0%
    CG-Event 10%
    GUI 50%

    Like I mentioned before, I'm working on everything by myself.
    The translation script to English is by @akatsukishin senpai. I think she doesn't have any account here.

    What I expect from this thread
    Just being honest, I want a lot of people to know my project.

    I wished that anyone can give me any theory of magic and how the world cycles. Any rumor with similar themes is oke-dokey~
    Maybe, there will be time this project need some proofreader and beta-player but, not now.

    Oh yeah, give me feedback and critiques~ I'm pretty open minded.

    Hope we can be friends, all~~
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