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~Helpful Author Links~ Please add links not listed updated 2-22-09

  1. CrisNoWait
    Please add more if you know any

    Ok this is where we can post links to threads around the forum that may help authors organize their work and attract more readers.

    Stories Indexed by Author <--this is very helpful, list all your works under one post then link that post in your siggy.

    Aarin Author Listings<-- after you index your work your name will be added to this list.

    Fandoms <--this is helpful for Fanfiction writers'. You must choose which "Fandom" your story falls under then post, be certain to read the first post and post in the appropriate format.

    Aarinfanasty Fanfiction Directory<-- the Fandom directory will get your work linked under the respective Fandom. (you do not need to post in this thread, it is for the mods)

    Poetry Forum<--if you have poetry this is the place to post. You only get one thread, for all your work, please read the rules for the section.

    Song Lyrics Forum <-- just like poetry forum you only get one thread for all your work.

    Non Fiction Articles

    Write it out Writer's Group<--this group is very helpful in getting over to rough patches in your work. ^^ I hope we build a network, where there you can develop your writing and here you can showcase your work.

    How to make you links "look" like this<---This is a break down on how to get you links to read as one word or title, just like the links above.

    Online Writers' Support<---this group will help you navigate getting your works published from soup to nuts.

    New Fiction Section <---New launch board for the fiction section this thread gives details about. But if you want to check it out, (and one of my fictions in the Complete section. Goto tool bar top left click *Fictions* It is really nice, and you may chapter your work with out speaking/comments between each chapter the layout is wonderful.

    Erotic Thesaurus <--This is more than just sexy words, there are also helpful links to numerous other items that may help with story development. Like names for hair and eye color, gestures and facial expressions.
  2. CrisNoWait
    I stalk the writers lounge and forum functions often. If you have other links that relate to "advertisement" please post them here. We all need to help each other get the word out about our works.
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