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Introduction Please! Read before starting thread

  1. CrisNoWait

    Yes I am starting another group, if this for some reason is not allowed go ahead and delete it. ^__^ Mods are mods for a reason after all.

    Alright authors, what you will do is start a new thread:

    1. When you enter the "social group section" and click this group, you come to a page with the latest post for "Advertisement Necessary"

    2. Post your first introduction here, just a little about yourself how many stories you have and what future goal (if any) you have as an author.

    3. Now your done with that you may post a separate discussion thread by "clicking" Post New Discussion

    4. Title your New Discussion Thread by your User Name!

    5. Under Your thread only, list details about the current status of your work and post links to the story.

    6. You may explain your plot ideas to readers, and link the current update to the work.

    7. In your first post link your Index by Author as a guide for readers. DO NOT DUPLICATE THAT HERE. We want to direct readers to the thread. This is more than an "index" this is a discussion forum about you and your fans and your works.

    ***Let me clarify, you may list all your work give as much detail as you like, its your private piece of Aarin, to discuss your thoughts with your fans ^^ future fans. ***

    bloody word limit
  2. CrisNoWait

    Here you can "highlight" your latest update, and talk frankly with fans that visit. The work does not need to be on Aarin. (its OK Arigatomina I altered that, there is not point just advertise your work under one thread)

    Each Author gets One Thread, please do not create new thread discussions for different story titles. Change your Discussion Title to reflect "new story added" or something like that, then add them under your User Name Only! I talk too much, please ask questions if anything is unclear, I will add a thread for helpful links around the forum. That will help you further advertise your work.
  3. Arigatomina
    [Delete this after you read it, if you want this thread reply-free]

    I protest the "only fics you are updating" stipulation.
    What's the point of finishing a fic if you can't advertise it? You can only talk about on-going fics you're currently updating? So when you're done with that fic you can't advertise it anymore? You just gave me another reason to keep starting new fics instead of finishing the old ones. Once it's finished, that's it, throw it away, no one wants to hear about it anymore. And yet when you browse the reader-main groups you hear them saying how they don't want to read a story unless it's finished. I guess they won't be reading anything in this group, then, right?

    Since this is an author-main group, I think you should encourage them to finish their fics by letting them advertise their finished fics. We stop getting reviews once the fic is finished - unless we pimp it around so more people read it. That's the whole point of advertising, to get more people to read something. If the fic is still on-going, we're probably still getting enough feedback that we don't need to come here and advertise it. It's the readers who advertise unfinished fics - because they hope more people will join up and convince the author to finish it.

    Bottom line, if this group is only the on-going fics, then it's more reader oriented than author oriented. Unless the authors are looking to discuss possible plots in future chapters, in which case they're more likely to go to the "write it out" group - which helps authors write (finish) current projects.
  4. CrisNoWait
    Its OK you I dont mind any fiction that is yours is fine I will change that. After thinking it over its seems silly, really not needed. You are promoting your work, here after all. Any story you published go ahead and highlight! I need to finish reading but I wanted to comment so other joining will know its OK, take a thread and title after your User Name and get to working..
  5. Arigatomina
    Well, I don't actually *have* any finished fics to pimp here. But I'm working on ones that I won't post on Aarin till they're done. I want to be able to advertise them along with the in-progress stuff. Otherwise the thread will sink to the bottom of the forum as soon as I'm done posting it and never resurface unless a late reader finds it. ^^;

    We post our introductions here?

    Okay, I'm a fanfiction writer. I don't post any of my original stories on the internet unless it's old stuff I did for classes. I prefer fantasy/adventure with romance mixed in. I like fan pairings, mostly taken from shounen 'action' anime. I tend to favor violent/dangerous ukes. I used to do some disturbingly dark lemony one-shots when I first started fanfiction. Now I lean on the side of humor and fluff. I'm an avid fan of crossovers - the more of my favorite pairings I can slip into a fic, the happier I am. I'm long-winded and slow to update and I'm more interested in what readers want more of than what they want less of. I prefer to post long chapters I've worked on for weeks rather than quick short updates.
  6. CrisNoWait
    Thanks for your advice insight, Arigatomina, nice to see you here. I'm hoping to get more people will see the benefit and joine the group as well.
  7. CrisNoWait
    i really need glasses, or new moniter the type-os kill me.....
  8. dragonkat216
    This is a really lovely idea Cris, and I'm definitely taking a page out of Arigatomina's book and I'll first focus on promoting my oneshots and finished fics first, because they've disappeared into the abyss of the fiction threads XD

    Okay so I'm dragonkat216

    I'm a fanfiction writer first and foremost but I have started falling into the original territory recently, I even hope to possibly get one published in a few years if I can make it good enough.

    My focus is romance, with lots of angst but always happy endings. Characters come before plot for me, always, and I find the relationships between characters are most important for a good story. I like my ukes somewhat feminine but with strong personalities, and my semes confident, in charge, but still wrapped around their uke's finger. Relationship before sex is for me...but I do love lemons XD I do long and short stories, so I hope that I have something for everyone.

    I'll go make a thread in a bit, I want to try and write some more before then.

    Anywho, hello everybody.
  9. CrisNoWait
    nice for you to join us *has but hates doing lengthy reply via cell* just wanted to thank you for joining
  10. CrisNoWait
    Welcome all new members get comfortable and enjoy yourself, I updated my promo thread if you interested in how I started my layout, just look at it as if its just a thread and you are talking about yourself. or to yourself. XD!!
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