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  1. iThreat
    Chocolate Milk
    Rating: 16+
    Genre: School life, drama, Romance
    Summary: Destin comes out to a friend that he is gay and is shunned from his group of friends. He finds new friends in the outspoken Jessica and her "b*tch", Michael. Destin's first impression is that Michael and Jessica are dating... but he soon finds out that Michael, too, is gay. What will he make of his new found friend?

    Common Chemistry
    Rating: 16+
    Genre: School life, Drama, Romance
    Summary: Starting his junior year in high school, Taylor can't help but feel repulsed by his girlfriend's odd scents and smells of make up. He finds himself in a chemistry lab group with his best friend Eli, and the school's feared Colton "Rage" Ragen. Taylor is blind to the relationship between his friend and girlfriend, though Colton isn't... And Taylor won't listen to the violent metal head with a bad reputation. But just how will Taylor handle it when Colton turns out to be on his side (In more than one way)?

    Rating: 18+ (very)
    Genre: smut, school life, Shota (High schooler, adult)
    Warnings:S&M: Bondage, whiping, piercing, endurance games, some public sexual activities, humiliation, underaged Submissive (late teens)
    Summary: While exploring his sexual interests, Tristan meets an older man named Victor in a shop that served the Sadist and Masochist's. Victor introduces Tristan into the world of games and pain that Tristan found himself craving...

    Rating: 18+
    Genre: Smut, school life
    Warnings: Twincest
    Summary: Mao moves to Tokyo with his divorced mother... only to find his father and twin brother, Tashii. Tashii is a hot blooded boy that quickly begins sexualy activies with Mao. Keeping their fasination with each other from their parents, they can only rely on a classmate who noticed their relationship. When the two boys seperate, an odd man starts to take an interest in Mao.

    He Made a Mess of Me
    Rating: 16+
    Genre: Romance
    Summary: Kasune, an editor, finds himself in charge of Yuuto. Yuuto is a reclusive writer with family troubles, writing malexmale romance novels, much to Kasune's dismay... but he's the only one that can get Yuuto to actually work and not sleep. Kasune becomes fixated on Yuuto and taking care of him, and doesn't know what to do when another man comes into the equation.

    Between Heaven and Hell
    Rating: 16+
    Genre: Romance, Historical
    Summary: In the late 1880s of Colorado, both Jed and Christian find themselves having trouble with their wives. They take refuge in each other in the hay loft of Christian's barn, quickly growing close until Jed moves it up to a relationship. Two young farm men in need of love go against their religion.

    A Woman's Place
    Rating: 18+
    Genre: School life, Romance, Yakuza
    Summary: Yuko is "collected" as payment for his families debt, and put in charge of Tashii. They two boys are tense at first, but begin to relax into their fixed situation. Tashii finds himself becoming interested in Yuko, but Yuko is soon sacrificed for the Family and is raped. Can they overcome?

    Being Realism
    Rating: 18+
    Genre: School life, Romance
    Summary: Aden struggles through his senior year. He has a cute freshman girl friend, but she's just a front. After shying away from other men for a year, Aden loses control at a party and has sex with another man... only to be discovered by the freshman boy, Laurence--quiet and composed, agrees to keep his mouth shut... But Aden finds himself looking and wanting to talk to Laurence more and more, even while trying to deny his sexuality.
  2. iThreat
    8 Years Difference
    Rating: 18+
    Warnings: Incest. 16y/o and 26y/o.
    Genre: School life, Romance, Family, Smut
    Summary: Jake never knew why his brother, Jason, fell out of his life, until in middle school he had made the connection that he was gay. Now in his sophomore in high school, Jake is shocked to find Jason back in his life. Jake firmly denies his sexuality but engages with a male teacher to keep up his struggling grades... but he can't help but notice his growing desire for Jason and wondering if he feels the same.
  3. iThreat
    Arms of Shou
    Rating: 18+
    Genre: Crime, Dark, Drama, Mystery, Romance
    Summary: Ray Ming is a Chinese-American psychoanalyst on the streets of the California. His boss ropes him into going undercover to investigate a Chinese hitwoman, called Shou Ge Zhe; The Reaper. He's put as an underling of Mao, a younger imigrant from China. Ray takes on the name Rai and struggles to learn the underground world of Chinese gangs in California, slowly growing attatched to his polar opposite Mao... but only just as his work starts to lead towards the hitwoman Shou.
  4. iThreat
    Last Resort
    Rating: 18+
    Genre: Dark, Crime, Mystery, Romance, BDSM, Russian mafia
    Summary: The recent fall of the Rascolav crime family has left a young boy called Aleksis in the wake of the government investigation. Scott and the remains of his team are put in charge of safeguarding and squeezing any information they can out of Aleksis. Little is known about him, and with good reason. Aleksis and his BDSM fetish is the least of Scott's worries when it comes to the supposedly demolished Rascolav family.
  5. iThreat
    Submit to Me.
    Rating: 18+
    Genre: Dark, Romance
    Warnings: Contains BDSM, D/s relationship, piercing, public humiliation, rough/viloent sex, sex in public places, punishment and possibly other mature topics. It is all consensual and enjoyed by the reciever even in it's violence. This is NOT fluff.
    Summary: Zach is testing the waters of BDSM in his college life. He hears of a club that employs a Dom by the name Master Gold. Money is his first access to the Master, before the sessions become more private and soon leads to a contract... only to discover they both live in the same world ouside of the BDSM scene, and Jonathan wants to out it in their social circle.
  6. iThreat
    The First Juda
    Rating: 18+
    Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
    Summary: Prince Argon is the third prince of the human superpower country of Karr. They have weapon advancements and topple over underdeveloped countries. A council of otherwordly beings contact the Karr monarchy, revealing a forgotten world to the humans. Humans set out to explore the magical lands that they seperated themselves from. Prince Karr's interests get the better of him, and he heads for the forbidden race of Elves, rumored beautiful yet cruel. He overestimates Karr's power and influence, and is swiftly captured into slavery. The elves have eleven beings that have obtained immortailty, called the Juda's. He is enslaved under the oldest, Lithe. They clash strongly while Lithe taunts and flaunts his homosexuality, a sin in Argon's eyes...

    Just as he falls into temptation with Lithe, Argon is shut out. Lithe refuses to let anyone in, even the other Juda's, concious of the scars on his back that will never fade that were put onto his skin during his mortal years--a time no one knows anything about, not even historians. Lithe withholds all information of his past and the people surrounding him, and no one knows where he dissapears to annually for as long as anyone can remember. While Argon tries to get his new master to open up, Karr is anything but peaceful.

    They want their King's favored son back, no matter how futile their attempts are, they may hold the only way to eliminate the immortal Juda's; including Lithe.
  7. iThreat
    SaM's has been removed from site, by my own choice.
  8. iThreat
    Changing Feelings
    Rating: 16+ (for now)
    Genre: Angst, Drama, Friendship, Romance
    Summary: Sheriff Gordon has spent his entire life in the town of Rock*, as have most people in the town. He is openly gay on the force, but problems don't arise until an old high school friend moves back. Bryce and Gordon were extremely close in their high school years--and he is also very closed minded. More is added that he has an openly gay son, Warren, after Gordon. Gordon deny's him at every chance, but still can't help but give Warren a safe place during hard times at home. Gordon doesn't want to admit that Bryce is no longer the man he knew in high school, while trying to keep Warren out of trouble. In the end, one really has to wonder if Gordon really lets Warren find haven in his condo out of the goodness of his heart...

    *The town really doesn't have a name. It is based off of an acutal place in which I used to live, but I don't want to come up with a name. Rock is only used temporarily in this summary, though it is not the actual name.
  9. iThreat
    They Call it Confusion
    Rating: 18+
    Genre: Romance, School life, Drama
    Summary: Fifteen year old Troy is born and raised Mormon, as well as sheltered. On his third day of high school, he gets the culture shocker of seeing two boys kissing at school. While his friend is both shocked and disgusted, Troy is shocked and... curious. The next day, one of the guys he had seen kissing, seventeen year old Danny ("I wish I could say I was Danny Worsnop, but I'm not."), approaches him and asks him out. Troy's "experimentation" in Danny's room only continues physically and emotionally from there... But Danny is also very open, and half of their school goes to the same Mormon church as Troy. How long can they last before his parents find out his adventures with another boy, call it confusion, and send him off to a camp to try and straighten him out?
  10. iThreat
    Fruits of Labor
    Rating: 18+
    Genre: Smut, Romance, Drama, Dark
    Warnings: Porn, racism, and others (not bad) to come up.
    Summary: Fresh out of college, twenty-three year old Nick is just happy to get a job as an accountant. He's not thrilled that it happens to be at a gay porn studio, but he'll take the job. Two of the actors, Miles and Lemon are roommates and are seeking Nick's attention, but he's straight with a long term girlfriend in law school who would find a way to sue the studio if she knew Nick was working there. Lemon has something on the owners and seems to get what he wants, even as the newbie to porn. Nick is curious about it, but tries not to interact too much with the actors and develop a reputation. That's hard, of course, when Miles and Lemon are constantly in and out of Nick's office to escape the hectic studio.
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