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  1. iThreat
    Only Human
    Rating: 16+
    Summary: After Cory's father finds pot in his bedroom, Cory is sent off to live with family friends in the mountains. Cory has few child memories of their son, Matt, but isn't prepared to find Matt in a questionable mental state. Matt had a mental breakdown a year before, and now sees everyone as higher beings while he remains only human. Matt doesn't know how to handle the new visitor and seeks guidence from his teachers, a gay couple. Stuck between his intense curiosity of his teacher's relationship and Cory, Matt only becomes more confused. Cory starts to decipher Matt's world and make the connections with reality to pull Matt out of his mental hell... Cory just doesn't know if he can wait that long.

    (sorry if the summary is bad lol.)
  2. iThreat
    In Dante's Arms
    Age Rating: 18+
    Warnings: Violence, gore, consensual non-con (he says no, but really he likes it and doesn't put up a good fight. ), touches on religion.

    A/N: This is classy vampire stuff, aside from bats... don't like those. But I promise, no sparkles.

    During 18th century Europe was the vampire controversy. Vincent is a hunter from the Roman Catholic Vatican, trained by his father to hunt vampires. He is experienced and can seem to catch all but one... one of the oldest ones, as well as radical. Dante has been around for centuries and has a strange fixation with teasing the vampire hunter looking to end his life...

    Not so Black and White
    Age Rating: 18+
    Warnings: Voyeurism, and one other (mentioned in story, not bad, just a kink)
    Summary: Ian is the new photographer to a growing town. On some of his first ventures, he catches two boys furiously kissing in public. To his luck, one is interested in photography and comes to explore Ian's studio. Jayden is near eighteen and brimming with sexual tension and desire, but holds himself back due to his secret fetish... but after an offer to do nude modeling, there's not holding back if he's already naked in front of another man.
  3. iThreat
    Just Forget Your Morals for Tonight...
    Age rating: 18+
    Summary: Officer Joe Gallen takes in two teenage boys that were fooling around in the backseat of a car at two a.m. Of course, one of them just happens to be the police Cheif's son. Even though the teen is dragged out, Joe is sure that was definately not the last of the promiscuous and under aged Andrew, or "Cat", who is also very determined for Joe to forget his morals for a night...
  4. iThreat
    To Protect and Save
    Rating: 18+
    Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi, War
    Summary: Blake Barron is hired as a guard for the physically weak magic-users. His assignment, Xander, is just about to reach adulthood. His sexual curiosity is immense, and after trying a woman, decides he would rather have a man... and not just another magic-user, but a real man. Like a human. Like Blake. Which is illegal. But will that really matter if a human revolution threatens to kill magic-users, including Xander?

    The Right Move
    Rating: 18+
    Genre: Romance, Drama
    Summary: Jason is back in Colorado visiting his parents when he meets Jared, a college student. They date once, before Jason admits he has to go back to New York. For the hell of it, the two have sex that night, expecting not to see each other again... but meeting Jared was a breath of fresh air after returning to New York, and dealing with some homophobic jerks in Jason's workplace. Moving back to Colorado would mean seeing Jared again, but is that too much too soon?
  5. iThreat
    Best and Worst of Me
    Age Rating: 18+
    Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance
    Warnings: Some hetero, non-con blowjobs (just those, no rape), language
    Summary: Quinn is starting his senior year in high school and continuing under the stress of trying to act straight. Being set up with cheerleaders whose pride is their body that he isn't interested in is nearly hell. That's paired with his fascination of an openly gay couple, one of whom is in his seventh period. Quinn doesn't know how to approach the younger Cameron, and goes the route that's expected of him... being a dick. His sexual tension grows, but how can he approach Cameron at all?
  6. iThreat
    Two, Plus One
    Genre: Angst, Romance
    Age Rating: 18+
    Warnings: Ménage (m/m/m), Twincest/incest, double penetration, explicit/kinky sex (No set kink, but they do experiment), child abuse
    Summary: Ray and Kristen consider themselves life partners, both romantically and as twins. Their past leaves them devistated and coping in their own way; Kristen with his own sexual promiscuity, and Ray protecting the brother that once protected him. Derek is a lawyer with a close family dynamic and first is introducted to Ray on the night of his promotion. He is immediately attracted to the younger man and tries to build something... But Ray is too cautious and is determined that he only needs Kristen in his life, promising himself that he is all a broken Kristen needs too.
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