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  1. Trinket
    Hola, Trinket here.

    I have decided to advertise my stories. They are all currently in progress, but I do have three of them. I greatly welcome critiques of my work, since I'm always hoping to improve.

    Eternally Yours
    Rating: 18+, yaoi
    Summary: Eternally Yours is a Koi Suru Bo-kun fanfic, with a supernatural? twist, as there is someone watching them... who may or may not try to interfere. It takes place however after the fifth volume and so will not be the same as the volume(s) which follow.

    Stalked by the Panther
    Rating: 18+, hetero
    Summary: Stalked by the Panther is about a were-panther who has been tricked by two scintists working for the government of the USA whom are determined to somehow create a group of soldiers with the offspring of a were-panther. Were-panthers are a very rare species, but they chose the wrong one to mess with. They also tricked a young woman who went to a clinic in order to become pregnant. She is frightened by the phone call she recieves and decided to fly away to Africa and hide... this is where she meets the father of the baby she carries.

    Acelle: The Mysterious Eighth Continent
    Rating: 13+
    Summary: This is the start of a series, because it begins with the tale of Surge Kringle, a timber wolf whose mother left the pack after many tragedies that later were revealed to be caused by a close family member. Surge grew up without his mother, but he was very close to his father Sangesh. So far however only the first chapter is up and it is about the birth of the first litter of pups (of which Surge was not yet born), and the thoughts floating in Sangesh's brothers head. I intend to after writing of Sangesh and Surge, to write the story of Surge's offspring, one of whom was a long time roleplay character of mine.
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  6. bensonclark
    Trinket's Story sounds like an enchanting journey! The advertisements have definitely piqued my interest. I love stories that weave magic, adventure, and heartwarming moments together. ryan gosling in suit Can't wait to dive into Trinket's world and see what wonders await. Kudos to the creators for such an enticing
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