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☆ Seki Toshihiko ☆

  1. Lent
    Uwah, I had to join this one, I adore Seki-san, Iruka makes me melt, Riki makes me cry, Ludwig makes me wanna hug him, lol, same with Takaya. I haven't really seen much of Saiyuki and Gundam Wing yet, I guess I should.
  2. meridian
    Saiyuki is a must-watch as Sanzo's voice is just to die for! <3 I haven't seen much of Gundam Wing either ^^;
  3. andreya
    Me had to join. Seki-san's voice in Meine Liebe made me melt hehe
  4. kuroiookami
    Seki-san is one of my fav seiyuus! Happy to see a group for him!! *glomps Sanzo and Iruka and Shiba Kaien*
  5. Lent
    We need some pics of Seki-san, don't we?
  6. kuroiookami
    Yes, pics of Seki-sama!! Shall we post pics of some of his characters too?
  7. Otome
    Seki-sama is the one that makes me fall for Iruka in the first place. It's because of his wonderful voicing that caught me. And that was before I have an interest in Seiyuu. And now, I can't leave both men alone. Goodness, how I adore this man. 8(>w<)8
  8. Lent
    Yes, why not! Let's post pics.
  9. Lent
    Aw, he's so cute. I need to find some good pics of him too, lord knows I have dozens of Iruka.
  10. shattered
    hello! shamelessly inviting myself into another group
    must have missed this in the group-creation frenzy
    I haven't seen Saiyuki or Gundam or Meine Lieber .... there are just too many animes in the world and not enough time

    Iruka is pretty cool, I really liked him from the first episode because he was so fatherly <3
    There's also Shiba Kaien from Bleach! a much beloved character (Wasting no time to plug my favourite show )
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