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National Novel Write Month 2023

  1. CrisNoWait
    I am once again on the journey to write out the plot bunnies currently fornicating in my brain. ^^) So lately I started rewriting - reimaging some old fan/original fiction which happily helped me develop a spin-off of a fanfiction, thanks to September Writer's Prompt of the Month: THAT TIME. I like it. The plan is not a continuation but a separate vein of a story that already happened.

    In my head, I feel whenever I do fanfiction it is a sidebar of the original story. So why not do that with my story/stories / Stephen King does it all the time... I have been dreaming about that author's work since middle school. Mr. King did it in several stories most notably The Dark Tower series... I have a suspicion he's done it before, inserting characters from another book into a current book, is a nice way to recycle characters.

    There is nothing wrong with doing that... I have this idea that even with original fiction posted 'here' it is possible to use the characters as we want... Well, it would be nice to ask the author, and if they do / or don't reply give them credit the same way any fanfiction writer would give to the original creator.

    So, plans for NaNoWriMo... please share.
    I have not decided what type of story I will do for NaNoWriMo but I and working on it. I have not decided if it will be fanfiction or original fiction, I am just trying to gear up for that happy although draining time.
  2. smeltsneeze
    Hello there! I've been intermittently writing fanfics for maybe a year or two, but they're all still written on paper and not online yet, hehe. Nevertheless, as I begin to produce more cross-fiction, I've found that it's one of those things where it either turns out to be a very fantastic fic or the worst thing you can imagine. basket random
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