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Twisted Minds Inc.

  1. knightsun
    Well well well...what have we here? A new virgin land for me to pillage to my hearts content? Meh, whatever. Twisted Minds inc. (f-en up your world since 200?) is staking it's claim here. (kicks over the 'this space for rent' sign) Well, I guess I have found what I crave most. Maybe I can get my inspiration to start writing again here. I thrive off of RnR's ('read and review' can't remember where I learned about 'RnR', but I love it when people do this to my work.) Well I am working on a few things. Rather I should say I have quite a few things that could be continued, should be finished, and have the possibility to be continued. I mean, through a few people's comments after reading an old 'one shot', it continued a bit, then gained a sequel, and has had a continuation as a 'joke' in the back of my mind for over a decade (god I feel old...).

    So yah. Hi! I have a tendency to ramble, if you have not noticed yet. I am happy to be here. Blame emowolf for this, I do. If you are willing and wanting for your 'feels' to be hurt in the rampant rollercoaster of emotion I call my work, please, by all means read my work. But I will say 2 things now.

    1; you brought this upon yourself,

    2; ...I'm sorry...

    may you learn to fear those words coming from me. And I do mean it, I am sorry.
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