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  1. kheprinmatu

    Just popped into the group and thought I'd link the fan fiction I posted up yesterday.

    Title: Entwined
    Fandom: Vampire Knight
    Rating: 18+
    Pairing: ZeroxKaname
    Length: Over 60k words and counting

    I'd greatly appreciate any feedback that might be forthcoming. It's a nightmare getting anything beyond "update plx". D:
  2. kheprinmatu
    Another new story from me. It's my NaNoWriMo project, so it'll be unedited until the end of the month. >.> It's an original fic.

    Title: Verve
    Rating: 18+
    Length: Just 2.5k words in the first chapter.
    Summary: What turns a man into one of the most ruthless private investigators in the country? A man who stops at nothing to make sure he gets what he wants?

    Rei's home and school life weren't smooth sailing, but they could have been a whole lot worse. Then as he graduates and heads out with a certain amount of trepidation into the 'adult' world, events begin to spiral out of control, changing the way he'll view the world forever.

    The story's in a very rough form at the moment, so any and all feedback is appreciated.
  3. Malachi2223
    I just posted a story I've completed, I'm looking for serious critiques. It's called Moon Heat, if you are interested.
  4. Malachi2223
    I just posted chapters 2 - 6 of Moon Heat...again, I'm only looking for serious critiques please. Thanks.
  5. AarinsRitsuka
    Hello there and I'm new to this group. I am working on a story called Things are not always what they seem. I'm kind of a newbie writer and I would love it if others would read and comment on it. Maybe give some creative critisism. It's of my own orginal idea and well it has everything already explained when you read it. Some people already like it and want me to continue and I would love it if more people did too. It is going to be 18+ but I just haven't gotten there yet. So here is the link and I have I believe chapter five up and ready.

    Things are not always what they seem

    Thank you and have a nice day
  6. nekofreakz
    Hi everyone.. just wanna pimp that i've posted 6927 fic, rated 18+, completed => All's Well That Ends Well

    It has no review so far, so any review will be welcomed very warmly Sankyuu~
  7. Dee_
    Title: Low Down & Out
    Rating: 18+
    Length: 75,668 (abouts)
    Summary: There's a new guy on the sixth floor and Kristian has an inkling there is much more to him. When he makes a harmless bet with his friend, he realizes he's gotten himself into something deeper and darker than once thought.

    This is my fifth original story and I thought I would pop in and shamelessly promote myself. I've updated it I think a day or two ago and it's wrapping itself up. I'm on the last chapter now so it'll be ending soon. Any thoughts, comments, questions, criticism are all welcome. It'd be nice to have a few more reader/reviewers.
  8. Berylcrazy
    Howdy folks, new to this group, thought I'd share my story, it's been on here for maybe two years now?o.o Let me know what you think bout it. Its a story thats evolved throughout most of my life that i've had locked away in the back of my head *minus the smut till now haha*
    I present...The Pulee Gang!
  9. BerserkRaccoon
    Hello ^^ I just shamelessly put this 3 here ^^

    Title: LLight
    Form (prose, poetry, novel, etc):
    prose, FanFiction – Death Note
    Summary: Light and L. L and Light. Just as the story goes. The Kira case and the never spoken of “something” between the two of them.
    Rating (if it applies): 18+ (mild)
    Link: here

    Title: The story of Matt
    Form (prose, poetry, novel, etc):
    prose, Fanfiction – Death Note
    Summary: The story of Matt. From the first day at Wammy’s to January 26, 2013. His life – how he lived it and how he learned it could be lived...
    Rating (if it applies): 18+ (mild)
    Link: here

    Form (prose, poetry, novel, etc):
    prose – Serial, Original Fiction
    Summary: The story of two strangers... When finding love is more complicated then even finding each other... When understanding the feeling is more complicated then just experiencing it... When a coincidence becomes a fate...(not much smex, but much feeling)
    Rating (if it applies): 18+ (mild)
    Link: here

    Hope to here some critics/feedback/review - would be very helpfull!!! Thaks
  10. sapphireleo
    Omg omg totally just found this now 0_o wow yeah I'm also writing my dream bl right now to it will be 18+ soooo~ I hope u'll give it a chance eh he he~ btw here it is: http://aarinfantasy.com/forum/fictio...09354&catid=32 ok yeah... Still in progress I know I know... And its going to be very long but that only so I can fit all the interwoven characters I have planned... eh he he ^///^ more details in the description ^^
    And btw hope u enjoy and at least get something out of it u like ha ha ^///^
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