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  1. CrisNoWait
    thanks so much for this Melody its great! I often find some of the same words repeat too much when I review my updates, however I can never think of a great replacement. This site will help a lot
  2. iThreat
    heheh because I'm a very confused person, I don't understand something and I'm kind of new to the site too... so I want to post a fiction thing, and it's like, "Multi-Page Options
    If you would like to add multiple pages for this entry, enter the total number of pages here (up to 50). You will be able to specify the content of each page after you submit this one." ...What does this mean? like if I have multiple parts to post of the story or its all one part but broken up into 'pages' or what...? can someone please give me a dumbed down answer or something^^?
  3. gravitation
    i´m new in this group and i´m not quite sure if i post here rigth or not.
    i work at the moment on my first big story after changing my first beta reader i changed a lot of grammer and some spelling mistakes. grammer because of the fact that i´m german. now i look for help to find the right way trough my story. at the moment i have the feeling if i would write more, the story is going to a wrong way. and the tempo in the story is to fast what can i do that it is more slowly and also that i have the controll over the story and not the story about myself.

    i´m happy about any comment and criticism

    love is not a destiny
  4. Ceri
    What always helps me is to take a five to ten minute break doing something completely unrelated to writing and then go back to it. This refreshes your mind and gives everything renewed clarity.

    Always. Do. An outline. Before. The actual paragraphs. Makes life a whole lot easier.
  5. BlackCoffee
    *waves* Hi ,this is probably in the wrong section. I've recently started to rewrite an original novel. And...it's come to a point where I'm in desperate need of a beta, or someone as an idea bouncer. The story isn't posted anywhere, because well, I really don't have the confidence for that yet. So..if you might want to help..um..pm please? *flees*
  6. xBLxLuvx
    I'm writing my first story an when I write I tend to put too much detail that it side tracks from the story. Does anyone have any tips to cut the writing, but still give enough info to understand the story. I hope that makes sense.
  7. Ferus37
    xBLxLuvx, I would recommend just writing, and then going back later to take out the stuff that isn't needed. When I write I sometimes have a tendency to put in too much stuff that isn't necessary, and I found that trying to keep things to a minimum while writing it detracts from the experience for me. I found it easier, more enjoyable, and better for the story to just write when I am in the groove, and then edit it later with a more objective look on it. When you have the scene all finished it's easier to see what should or shouldn't be there to make it work.

    I think it's important to remember that you don't have to keep everything you write. Editing, while it can be tedious at times, is your friend.
  8. HatedLove6
    I'm writing my first story an when I write I tend to put too much detail that it side tracks from the story. Does anyone have any tips to cut the writing, but still give enough info to understand the story. I hope that makes sense.
    I have that same proplem sometimes, and it's mostly because I tend to repeat information. One example is "I think, in my opinion", the two phrases have the same meaning just using different words. Another example would be something like, "jade green leaf. While jade green is a color, like emerald green, jade, emerald and green are all green. For me, it's hard to catch them so I can't provide with more examples, but I agree with Ferus. Write it out, take a couple days away from it, and edit and cut out what isn't needed.

    Keep writing, keep improving, keep having fun!
  9. HatedLove6
    If I ever have a problem or a question about writing techniques, I usually just look it up and see what's there, but I haven't found anything remotely similar to what I'm experiencing while writing my story, Fabled Love. It's an original fic that only has the prologue and the first chapter up, but my main concern is the first chapter and for the rest of the story.

    I wanted to take a chance and purposely wrote the story in third person (nothing unusual about that) and in present tense instead of past tense. Writing the story in present tense allows the story to focus more on the characters, and I wanted the story to sound fable-like. I achieved that, however the chapter sounds like I'm throwing the details to the reader.

    I have a feeling it's one of those "show, don't tell" rules, but I don't specifically know how to change it with the perspective and tense I chose for the story. It would probably be easier to understand if you read the first chapter, but I'm still not sure if anyone would know what to do since most stories are written in past tense.
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