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Wolfram and Yuuri

  1. KuroTsuki14
    sorry for my bad english.....
  2. Lisse09
    I'm quite surprised to find this group in social group.. should you categorize this group in anime?
    yupe. Wolfram and Yuuri are my favourite couple, never cease loving them. XD
  3. swetz
    I LOVE YURI and WOLFRAM... watching them drives me crazy but in a good way. I'm new here anyway...
  4. shanna261
    Hi everyone I am new to the group.
  5. KuroTsuki14
    @swetz - What do you mean by Yuuri and Wolfram? Just to let you know this group is about none Uke Wolfram. >_>
    I think there a other group about Yuuri and Wolfram, if you support only Yuuram/Uke Wolfram.

    @shanna261 - Welcome to the group
  6. flyingbananapoo
    I just joined as well. I'm a big fan of Yuuri and Wolfram, especially since I've been watching Kyo Kara Maoh for the longest time xD
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