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This group is about the mature relationship or mostly friendship of Wolfram and Yuuri not as lover but as friend or best friend. Not the mature of the have sex or any thing like that.

You don't need kiss or hug to make profit relatership , but showing the true feeling and help each other is very ture indeed.

They act diff in the novel, wolfram is very mature and manly to yuuri , he will give up any thing for yuuri. when conrad bertrayal yuuri , yuuri trust wolfram at the time or you can say that wolfram was his pill to stay stong , when conrad left yuuri.
You have no idea how much the character in deeply with in the novel. God I wish it was out in america rigth now...though only the manga right now :\

I be see to much yuuram out there , making poor wolfram as girlly and uke.....sorry i don't like that way , very immature of the fans make wolfram that way.
I find it wrong. They be watch to much of the anime or read to much doujnishi or fic of them, then reading the novel and manga.
Both doujinshi and fan fic of yuuram's fan make wolfram OOC -Out of character. Yuuram are not canon , but Wolfyuu are canon. But not real canon like in couple.

I my self Love the novel and manga then anime. i dislike wolfram in the anime , but really like him in the manga nad novel , since he very manly and mature

if you what to understand they bonded of relationship as very close friend then read this
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Note: I'm very sorry for my gramma and english , my brina is mess up since i was 13. That when I used to be good at gramma. Plesae PM me tell what wrong with the grammar. I will give you my big thanks.

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