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Livejournal down now where we can find english translations for mob?

  1. Tisifone75
    Hy, I only today seen that livejournal is not more aviable...son I dicovered mirage trans on dreamwith here mirage_trans | Recent Entries
    But I had an account livejournal, so I saw that others had the same account as livejournal...so I don't know how to log in with my same nick name and pass word....I hope all translations do not lose....beacuse x exemple quant twinlight that make more volumes translation is not aviable, someone can help me please?
  2. tristan
    If you are still interested you can find all quaint_twilight's translations saved on her blog Endless Blaze and also Asphodel's Haven::<em>Mirage of Blaze</em> Translations has translations of the first volumes of the series plus manga and some
  3. Tisifone75
    Thank you very much, now it's years that I've read them, also I just buy dvd anime and oav and I'm very happy, if you are interested I menage facebook page for mob; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Honoo...6022547?ref=hl
    Than you very much for you replay^^
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