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★ Mirage of Blaze ★

  1. Mifeman
    I'm so glad meridian created this group I can now find more suffering people to complain about and cry like a baby for the fate of Takaya and Naoe . I didn't scared anyone, did I?
  2. Nuriko
    I would really like to know how the current novel status is - in Japan o.o and if it ended... how?
  3. Mifeman
    Nuriko: Sent you PM with some info. I don't know how much the others know...

    Manius: Thank you for the beautiful picture *dreamy eyes*
  4. meridian
    Yes, the main series (ie. the one that the anime is based on) has ended, but the prequels are still ongoing
  5. eiri
    reads spoiler and... *hides in a corner*
  6. Mifeman
    eiri: pats head Grouphug for support!
  7. KeiOracle
    I finally found a club for MoB ^^
    Thank you for creating it ^^
  8. noone
    ... and did you know there are two MoB doujinshis by y-vonne newly scanlated? i want to see some... *coughsexcough* action
  9. andreya
    Nuriko, that spoiler did bad things to my heart...... can help but ask if you know what happens to Naoe?
  10. Mifeman
    noone :nod: i know, i know Haven't read them, but will in a while

    andreya: maybe i can help you with that...
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