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  1. hakaze
    If we're talking about full/complete translations, which volumes would people most want to read first - vol.s 6-11, vol.s 17-9, vol.s 20.5-22 or vol.s 30-40?? 6-11 basically explains Takaya's thoughts and stuff from the anime and OVA, 17-19 where it's the climax of the arc and Takaya nearly dies 20.5-22 are obviously right after vol. 20... where Takaya's now in hiding from Naoe, and 30-40 can be summarised as 'the beginning of the end' with Oda's and other historical figures' re-appearance(s).
    If you're wondering why I want to know, well, I have all the novels and I have (finally) recovered from the mental shock of the ending. After looking over the slow-but-steady progress thought I'd help a bit. Otherwise I'll just do it chronologically/in order of publication.
  2. Raincat
    I dont know how other ppl. but I like this " order of publication".
    MoB is kinda hard story to follow and if I read littlebit here and littlebit there i got confused.
    I had opportunity read end before i read other parts from beginning and middle.
    ...but this is only my opininion, in general i m very thankful for any translated part.
  3. hakaze
    As for the prequel arc, I know it's a long~ long~ long~ way off but I'll do it after the series is finished...
  4. Raincat
    How is it going? I hope you dont tire yourself out and have some RL fun too.
  5. hakaze
    Well, I tend to get a bit caught up in researching and explaining stuff Damn this perfectionist nature of mine!! Then I realised that none of the Author's Afterword had been translated
    ...So I've just given myself some more work to do...
  6. flyingmoon
    its just the worst ending! [SPOILER] i cried so much because the two of them always have this superiority problem preventing their relationship becoming closer and when they want to get together, one person always manage to die or get poisoned (Naoe taking form of another's body so he doesn't want to have sex with takaya in that body or the instance where takaya is poisoned to such a degree that breathing in the same room with him cause people to become ill) i just want the two of them to live happily ever after after all those hundreds of yuears of stubborness!
  7. sarah3161
    i was looking 4 this club ^_^ GOD im glad there are mirage of blaze (FREAKS) like me ^_^
  8. sarah3161
    i really loooove the anime more than the novel ^_^ i hope they make other ep
    as long its not sad as the novel i want a happy ending for (naoe & takaya)
  9. Tisifone75
    Hy everyone, I love the most MoB I'm translating in italian, in accord with mirage trans of liveljournal, the novels and the prequel, also I subbed in italian anime and oav and now I'm translating also CD drama, manga and dojinshi (in accord with their english translators).... I read spoiler about the end...and..oh my God...so sad but wonderful end...it reminded me Withering Heigs by Emily Bronte, infact in some point of the novels I see a sort of parallelism...I'm not suprprise that the novels are currently considerate a "maisoku" of Japanese literature...I love so much, but so much MoB and Naoe and Kagetora so much that I'm currently studing seriously japanese only to help mirage trans of livel journal to tranlate all the novels....
    Ah in the next days...I would like make some amv about MoB can you tell me please where may I post here?
    Perhaps someone knows me on liveljournal MoB community so I say a particular hello to them^^
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