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MoB anime

  1. sarah3161
    lets talk about the anime ^_^ i really liked it
    but i think there should more because a A complex relationship like
    (naoe & kagetora) need more Explanation and more Emotions

    I also want to thank arrinfantasy for the sub ep and ova
    because i love it on sub (the soft vois of naoe and the .Rude vois of takaya)
    this anime is about Japanese History so it shoud be in jap ----> well thats my opinion what a bout yours
  2. DirtyNinjaChick
    Yeah I loved the anime as well and would certainly not object to more! There is of course much more to their relationship than what is revealed in the anime/OVAs. Unfortunately it's been a while now since the OVA was released and it is hard to see that any further MoB adaptions will be made

    Yes, I definitely prefer the original japanese voices since Hayami Show and Seki Toshihiko does an amazing job as Naoe and Takaya respectively I wouldn't want any other VAs than them ^^ And whenever japanese history and names are involved, it tends to be dumbed down in english dubs. I've heard though that people who like dubs praise the MoB dub.
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