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MoB history

  1. flyingmoon
    Is it just me or does anyone else find the history difficult to folllow? when i was reading the translations i skipped out lots of the fighting and warmongering and focussed on naoe/takaya. but then the translations are incomplete so i skip read chapters so might have missed out vital information regarding plot history.
  2. sarah3161
    when i saw the anime for the first time it was a little hard to folllow i had 2 watch it again ^_^ its one of my fav anime
  3. DirtyNinjaChick
    Well yeah there's a lot to the Sengoku History and it's heavily interwined with the plot, so I suggest you try to read everything
  4. Tasha21
    I understand totally about not understanding the plot. After watching both the anime series and the OVA, I knew that they left out some key parts so I began reading the translation. DirtyNinjaChick is right. Read everything so that you will get a complete understanding to what is going on because I was able to get a clear view to the things that took place and the relationship between Naoe and Takaya!
  5. water444
    I wished the Novel's were licensed/translated instead!! Too bad, they're not and when it comes to the manga, there's only 3 vol'z scanlated after all these yrs..It's depressing. I LOVED this series/manga/novel, whatever one wants to call it!! It's has to be ONE of MY FAVORITE out of all.

    This novel is definitely NOT your typical, cliche Yaoi at all..From what little I got, there's actually a plot and there's ONE important thing when it comes to this series, there's depth!!

    Why are there groups out there that are willing to scanlate/translate some typical 'HET' shojo manga/novel but NOT actual stuff from history etc..??
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