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Card Gift Event

  1. meridian
    In conjunction with Takaya's birthday today (23rd July), I will be holding a Mirage of Blaze card giveaway.

    1. To participate, simply leave a message in this thread stating ONE Mirage of Blaze card you would like to have.

    2. This giveaway will close on 30th July so be sure to post your request before then. I will send the cards out on 2nd August.

    You must have less than 250,000 points. That's all.

    (Cards are subjected to IShop availability and given on a first-come-first-serve basis)

  2. Raincat
    Happy Birthday Takaya !

    @meridian: wow, giveaway! My wish is big : NAOE
  3. shanna261
    Happy B day Takaya

    It looks like I joined on a good day.

    My wish is Takaya

    of course its his birthday after all.
  4. AnnKo
    Happy Late BirthDay Takaya~~~ xD

    **Has Been WAnting A Naoe Card Ever Since I Found Out About Cards**

    My Wish Is Naoe~
  5. Carazon
    I just came in here to say Happy Birthday Takaya. I think I already bought all the MoB cards. D:
  6. meridian
    The giveaway is now closed and all cards have been sent (yes, a little earlier)

    Thank you for participating!
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