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  1. CrisNoWait
    Hello new members, *knows I am talking to myself* I have a great offer for anyone who can answer a few questions. First to answer gets points.

    One of the stories I recommended for story of the year is:

    Carnalli Complex

    I have 100 points for first person to post ONE OF THE FOLLOWING (author's excluded)

    *Give a description of the any of the Carnalli brothers.

    * A description of Avi or Hanley choose one and their occupation.

    * A description of the "Cobryn Flip" "pseudo name."
    Loveusender got it right. XD! Points sent. Anyone else got a answer.

    * What deal did Ven make with Cobryn? Be brief.
    grasachick13 got it right XD! Points sent!

    * How did Ven get around his "deal"? Describe.

    * What was the last meal the brothers had together in the story, describe please.

    One description per person, you will only get points once, to be fair. I will edit as I get correct answers. =3

    Anyone care to discuss the newest release by Passhenette1? Chronic Carnalli Complex Perhaps another work that's completely captivated you.

    Use constructive criticism when discussing any story. I mean, it's ok to go ****ing wild, however be nice if there are details about any story you did not enjoy, otherwise shirts off ass up let everyone "feel" your love!!! <3<3 <3
  2. grasachick13
    What deal did Ven make with Cobryn? Be brief~~ he made a deal that he wouldnt touch alain until he decided who he would chose to be with.
    i generally just lurk and read stories and dont usually comment cus im shy. will work on that. mind if i join your group?
  3. loveusender
    I find it interesting that Pass chose to sort of exclude the brothers for a while (hopefully not too long) and delve deeper into background characters. I still wonder what quentin is doing these days and hope she is going to rapt out attention with this new story..
  4. MurakisDoll
    quentin grew on me and i absolutely adore him now >.< and i do wonder where he is too T^T lol i just have this obsession with rich...O.O obsessive-ish....a little harsh...semmes x333 pshawww
  5. ghettoe
    im with murakis on this one, although i am Quentins no 1. fan so step back there! but i just love him in the story!
  6. CrisNoWait
    hi guy urr chicks ^__^ Please ignore sex reference (your sex reference) xD! Thanks for joining tell your friends if they stalk lol!! *i love traveling in packs, we can ambush authors and *poke* them long and hard for an update XD!*

    We will talk about Carnalli sex! Hell yes! As a matter of fact *any* sex especially in our author's story! Please feel free to discuss any story you wish, I just threw out Carnalli, I have many favs but Carnalli my 1st w/so many partners..lol

    @Grasachick You're right!! I'll send points when i get home! I just love Ven sweet innocent seme-uke! Alain will have Ven ass up in a year or two, now that he ****s Q on the side, he's got a first rate seme-ness teacher!

    @Loveusender I hope to see more on Q too! He was under portrayed in the first story. I am referring to how he "flip" into another person suddenly w/o any hints he was a bad guy. Really ****ing evil too! Then the **** he did to Alain >__< I really want to know more about him. I love to hate the bad-ass, lol!

    @Murakis Me too, where the hell is he?? Wtf is he up to? How long will he "cover" his brothers asses!? O_o in a way he creeps me out, *shudders* remember that bottle up the ass?!? =__= he likes that.
    Thanks again guys for joining!!

    @ghettoe <_< don't think Carnalli madness has made me forget about CRYSTAL HOSPITAL *marks to do list, i.e. Stalk...* I know you love Q, i guess *he* could be your seme. Lol
  7. chamorrican56
    *giggles and waves hi* ... hallo ... ummm , imma stalker ..... *blush* love the stories cant get enough ... i cant help it . be gentle please

    haha my ex and i have this rule with the carnalli boys , i claim Ven and Con and she gets Coby and Quentin *giggles* sooooo , um yea , hi

    (forgive my lame intro. havent joined a group in a very long time. and this group is basically ALL im about >///<)
  8. CrisNoWait
    Welcome Chamorrican thanks for joining, I will give you Ven but Condor is mine don't let me get Yaoi on ya, LOL! you might like that XD! Nice to have you aboard, answer one of my trivia questions below for 100 points!
  9. chamorrican56
    *Give a description of the any of the Carnalli brothers.

    Ven: - he was the favorite brother to Alain when younger
    - He left witht he mothr to Europe and became a model there
    - he has a nipple ring , and when captured by Quentin was giving a ring on his cock(ooowiiieeee)
    - he is the main squeez with Alain
    - he owned a red corvet
    -his ex was a biiiiiiiitch
    - he is blonde
    -has a tattoo of Alains name on his ass (so funny)
    - he is the third oldest of the carnalli brothers
    -he has a wicked sense of humor
    -always the more laid back
    -he likes spoiling Alain at any cost
    -mostly the seme but has been f*cked by both Con (in the woods) and Coby (in the cabin) never alain .... YET
    -would do anything for Alain

    i think thats it lol idk
  10. DarkSacrifice
    hello hello....I'm a stalker... duuhXD
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