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Vampire Knight

  1. katsbrainwarp
    So here it is. I posted a few pics. Please feel free to post more.

    I know the Thread for this has been runing for a while, but I like chatting in Social Groups, so Hope you'll join and chat.
  2. Chonki
    Just joined this group! I love Vampire Knight so I just had to
    What's up?
  3. katsbrainwarp
    Do you have a ffavorite character?

    Mine would have to be Zero. He's so much stronger than he realizes, and he always tries to do what he thinks is best.
  4. Chonki
    My favorite was, is and I think will be forever KANAME Another character that I'm obsessed with! But I like Zero very much too! At least he don't use some weird tricks to get Yuuki right You read manga and watch anime??
  5. katsbrainwarp
    I've only read one volume of one Manga, but I love watching the anime. I'm completly upto date on the lates episodes.

    I actually liked Kaname better than Zero in season one, but seeing how completly dark Kaname has gotten, I'm a little afrad of him.

    I love the pic you posted with Kaname looking so sad.
  6. Chonki
    Yeah Kaname got dark lately bu t in manga he's almost like the bad character
    And anime looks so great! Almost exactly like manga!
  7. Meshlena
    Hay ^_^ I started with the Manga but found the Anime of it and was like Sweeeeeeeeee! haha so ya I love Vampire Knight. =^_^=
  8. Chonki
    @Meshlena: welcome!
    So I guess a standard question : Who's your favorite?
  9. katsbrainwarp
    Meshlena: so glad to see more members, I was afraid I made this group that noone would join.
    Chonki: Is the Manga in color or is it all black and white?

    So I just watche Guilty episode 8. I take back any mean thing I ever said about Kaname. I think I just fell in love with him all over again. but now what's to become of zero?
  10. Chonki
    @katsbrainwarp: Oi! Kaname's mine But...well...since I'm a super nice girl I can share...a bit but NO drooling on a keyboard please...
    And about manga it's black and white but sometimes there are special pages in color!
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