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Kuroshitsuji Doujins

  1. WhiteWolfShadow
    Firstly, yay or nay? I know a few for each party. I myself (who have watched the anime and read the manga and loved them both) would be part of the OH **** YES category. If you, like me are in the yes please sector, does anyone know of anywhere I can read the doujins in English? I can find plenty in Japanese, not so many in English, and I can't read the Japanese (I know, I need to learn). If any of you know of any English doujins, PLEASE PLEASE let me know of them. Equally, if I find any I will post them on here. Ok, I think that's it. Thanks to everyone.
  2. KamiNoOnchou
    Yeah I can never find any either, I use to go to Yaoi Heaven, now it's Yaoi Heaven Reborn. Just google it and it'll link it to you. But I haven't actually read any in a while. :/ So things are different I'm sure.
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